Clementine Nielssen (1842-1928, Austrian-German)

Clementine Nielssen photoClementine Nielssen (1842-1928, Austrian-German) was a 19th century still life artist who also specialized in painting animals. Not much is known about her, unfortunately. She did live with her husband in both Munich and Norway during the 1880’s.

Clementine Nielssen obviously loved cats as her paintings capture the feline in all types of attitudes. Her style is reminiscent of  many other 19th century artists.  Today her paintings are still available at auction.





A Portrait of a Mother Tabby Cat and Calico Kittens

A Portrait of a Mother Tabby Cat and Calico Kittens


Clemence (Clementine) Nielssen


Ginger Cat, Clemetine Nielssen


Idle Kittens, 1883,

Idle Kittens, 1883


Mother Cat and Kittens, Clementine Nielssen


Three Young Cats, Clementine Nielssen



Two Cats, Clementine Nielssen


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  1. Loved your entry on Clemintine Nielssen! However it would have been nice to see the whole picture, I was only able to see half ,virtically, on my format. Very disappointing!

    • The photos are usually 600px. If you are using a phone, you just need to turn it horizontally and the whole picture will show.

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