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The Asian Semi-Longhair cat, also known as the Tiffanie cat, came about in the 1980’s in the UK when a male Chinchilla mated with a Burmilla. Because the kittens were so attractive, an Asian breeding program was begun and produced some kittens with longer hair. Of the Asian group of cat breeds, the Tiffanie is the only semi-longhaired cat. The Tiffanie is very similar to Burmillas, but has longer hair.

The breed is recognized by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), but is not registered in any US registries. In 2003, the Asian Semi-Longhair (ASL) was awarded the championship status by the (GCCF) and has also received full recognition by the council.


Tiffanie Cat breed



WEIGHT RANGE                8-16 pounds
EYE COLOR Green, yellow
COAT Silky and smooth, medium to long length. 
COAT COLORSBlue, black, brown, chocolate and lilac are the five main colors.
OVERALL APPEARANCEAsian Semi-Longhairs are a medium sized cat that is slim and muscular and weighs more than it appears to be. It’s legs are strong with the hind legs being slightly longer than the front. The Asian’s head is wedge shaped, not rounded, and comes down to a blunt nose. It’s ear tips are a bit rounded and the best of the breed have ear tufts. Coats are of medium length and without any undercoat, and its tail is medium to long and flowing and can taper into an impressive plume. 
PRICE $700-1,000 Recognized by GCCF but not yet registered in US. 



 The Asian Semi-Longhair exhibits typical cat behavior and is quite active; however, it must be remembered that this cat needs regular grooming because of its fantastic coat.  Unfortunately, this cat may experience renal, heart and periodontal issues, but regular check ups and good nutrition may help to avoid these. Their life expectancy is from 12-15 years.   



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