The American Bobtail Cat is a relatively new breed, coming into existence in the late 1960’s. The breed came to be when a Siamese was crossed with a short tailed male tabby. John and Brenda Sanders, while on vacation in Arizona, took a liking to a short tailed brown tabby cat and adopted him. It is said that the cat came from a local Native American reservation. Because of his wild appearance, it was thought that he might be the result of the mating of a bobcat and domestic cat. However, this was not true. The couple named the cat Yodie and took him back to Iowa where they mated him with their Seal Point Siamese. Some of the kittens had short tails which indicated that the short tail gene was dominant instead of recessive.  The American Bobtail Cat is not related to the Japanese Bobtail, nor is it related to the Manx.

American Bobtail Orange Tabby

The American Bobtail was initially developed through natural selection. However, Yodie’s descendants became unhealthy. So, feral cats who had a natural bobtail were used as the foundation stock for the new line. Using domestic bobtails from all over the United States, experienced breeders produced the American Bobtail Cat we have today. 

American Bobtail Cat Black

First recognized by the International Cat Association in 1989, the American Bobtail has been accepted for competition by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 2002. 


American Bobtail Cat Tabby



WEIGHT RANGE                8-16 pounds
EYE COLOR All colors, but never heterochromia (each eye with a different color)
COAT Medium to long haired. 
COAT COLORS All colors. 
OVERALL APPEARANCEThe American Bobtail has a short tail that is from 1 to 4 inches long, but some litters have kittens with full length tails. It sometimes has tufted ears. The face can appear round with accentuated jaws because of the fur. Longer hair can be seen on the upper and lower legs, stomach and tail. They have a strong sturdy body. 


PRICERecognized by The International Cat Association and Cat Fanciers Association. Because it is a scarce breed, prices can run up to $1,000.00.


American Bobtail Grey Tabby




The American Bobtail Cat is slow to mature, and may take 2-3 years to reach its full adult size. They are playful, adventurous companions and have been called the Golden Retrievers of cats. American Bobtails are loving and intelligent and enjoy typical cat activities.   


Cream Color American Bobtail Cat


If you are interested in rescuing an American Bobtail Cat click here for a complete directory of rescue organizations. 


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