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The Aegean Cat is considered to be the only naturally occurring native cat breed in the Greek Isles. Cats were discovered over 10,000 years ago in the area of the Greek Isles and Cyprus. These cats are undoubtedly related to these original cats. Aegeans are probably related to Turkish cats as well owing to the close proximity of Turkey. Because they are island cats, they show a distinct affinity to water and fishing. Unfortunately, the breed is yet to be considered an official breed by the Cat Fanciers Association.  







Aegean Sea with island groups Aegean Cats



WEIGHT RANGE               8-12 pounds
EYE COLOR Green, Blue or Gold
COAT Semi long haired.
COAT COLORS Bicolor or tricolor with one of the colors being almost always white. Patterns vary and some have tabby markings.  
OVERALL APPEARANCEThe paws of the Aegean cat are medium sized and have a round shape.  Their tails are long and sometimes “hooked”. Ears have a wide base and rounded tips and are covered by hair. The eyes have an almond shape and their color can be any shade of green, blue and yellow. They usually have a lean, muscular body. 
PRICE Unknown. Not Recognized by Cat Fanciers Association




Aegean cats are a talkative cat noted for their affinity for water and fishing. They are smart and have good health because they have not been selectively bred. It is unlikely that you will be able to find an Aegean outside the Greek Isles, so the best way, is to go on a great vacation and adopt one for free from there! Importing cats to the United States is rather easy. 




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  1. Annette Kolodzinski says

    You can get a DNA test done on dogs so I would think they can be done on cats too. I see a vet do it on “Lucky Dog” all the time. Worth a try if you really want to know. Could be pricey.

  2. Lady Star Hawk says

    Most of those characteristics literally sound like my sweet boy smush right down the the part of him loving water he has to come with me to the bathroom everytime I go so he can sit in the sink where I turn the tap on and he plays with the water he always ends up coming out with a wet bum and tail and feet but he’s not bothered he’s super long furred which is curly underneath and his fur feels so soft almost like silk he talks to me and is so clever I ask him to do things and he does it he’s black and white but mostly white he has the rounded ears with furr on them the medium sized paws that are rounded and he has the almod shaped yellow eyes he’s super vocal and loves having conversations with me he’s super loving and loves nothing more than stretching out on me and having tummy rubs I live in England UK so could he possibly have the aegean cat (Greek vans cat) gene in him his mom as far as we know was a common black n white domesticated cat but we don’t know what her family past is or who the father was I’d love to know if there’s anyway of actually finding out what his genes are

    • LA Vocelle says

      I think some vets might be able to do a blood test to see his ancestry. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I love reading about different breeds, and this is certainly an interesting one. I wish there were more photos displaying the characteristics mentioned. Thanks for your great work. Carry on!

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