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The American Ringtail Cat (also known as Ringtail Sing-a-Ling) came to be in 1998 with a feral cat named Solomon who had a genetic mutation that caused his tail to curl over his back. Susan Manley, the owner of Solomon, instituted a breeding program in 1999 to reproduce the anomaly. The breed is still considered an experimental breed.  In 2005, Susan began working with a few breeders and bred the curled tails with purebreds and Domestic Shorthair cats. Recently, they have been crossed with Ragdolls. In the same year, The International Cat Association (TICA) recognized the American Ringtail Cat with a “Registration Only” status.  Today the Ringtail is still considered a rare breed, as they can be difficult to find.


American Ringtail Cat Breed



WEIGHT RANGE                7-15 pounds
EYE COLOR All eye colors are possible.
COAT Silky and Smooth, Short to Medium Length. Tendency to shed is low.
COAT COLORSAll colors and patterns can be found.
OVERALL APPEARANCEAmerican Ringtails can be quite large, long, and muscular. They have a strong, flexible, and long back, as well as silky soft fur. 

When born, their tails will be straight, but as they grow, the tail will begin to smoothly curl over the back. The tail, which is muscular and broad, especially at the base, features well-developed bones that aren’t fused together, so it has complete range of motion and can even be held straight if the cat wants to uncurl it. The trait causes no pain or hindrance to the cat. 

PRICE$500- 1,000 Recognized by The International Cat Association as “Registration Only”.


American Ringtail Kittens


 The Amercan Ringtail Cat is a friendly cat, like most other breeds. Because of its medium to short hair, it is easy to groom and to keep indoors.  The cat has no health problems because of the tail mutation. Life expectancy is from 16-25 years.   


American Ringtail Cat


Singaling Cattery (run by Susan Manley)


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  1. I have an adorable ringtail I got in Turkey at a cat hospital . He only has one eye and he is the goofiest, most playful, most personality-endowed little feline I have ever seen. He is a riot! When I saw the one eye, I instantly wanted to cuddle him, and while he loves to pounce on my feet and chew on my thumbs, there is not a better cuddler around! I did not even notice the odd tail when I got him— they took him from a little cage and put him in my arms and I said “ evet”( yes) and he became mine! It was only later I noticed how unique he is.

  2. I had a Ringtail boy who came from a feral cat colony, one-eyed Jack. He was the sweetest and goofiest cat I’ve known. He also had a very silky coat and was really muscular. He was my best friend. He died from lymphoma at age 10 and is missed.

  3. Leslie Smith says

    I think it’s horrendous…toying with genetics and for what? To create a cat or “breed” with a tail that curls up over its back? Was this woman, Susan Manley, looking for attention, or some kind of “lost” recognition? A cat’s tail is more than just “a tail”. It is an extension of it’s spine, provides balance and helps them stay warm. They also use their tails as a means of communication. How does a cat curl up with its tail wrapped around its body? It’s just disgusting. Maybe we should start an experiment on humans to create a brain outside the skull – maybe that one would carry more sense in it. And personally, people who seek these “experimental” cats out are only contributing to even more people messing around in things they don’t need to be. I mean, seriously!! With all the constant reports year after year of the devastating numbers of cats (as we are talking about cats here) that are euthanized because of over population or left to the elements to die terrible deaths, do we really need to create another breed so people can have a “special” cat?

  4. Dick Uthmann says

    We have a black ringtail, about one year old. He? is the only ringtail of several feral cats.

  5. Susan Pomocnik says

    I trap cats. People call me about strays and I go trap. get them spayed and neutered. Sometimes I end up with ferals, I release them back where they were. Sometimes nice strays, I try to find homes. Sometimes kittens. I bring them home to socialize. I brought home an orange kitten, Turned out to be a ringtail. I fell in love with her and kept her. She is inquisitive, loves to chase balls, loves a bath and water in general. 90% of orange cats are males. My sweet Cheddar is a female and my little ray of sunshine in this quaranteed time. She is very long legged and thin and her tail is so long.

  6. I had a ring tailed cat too. His name was Evinrude because he purred so loud. We called him Rudy. He just passed away in November. He was my favorite cat of all the cats I’ve had. He loved to fetch. He was patient and was a friend to all the other pets we have. My son would put him around his neck like a scarf. He loved to just lay there. My favorite thing is that he would sit and wait for me at night to finish my chores in the kitchen. I started calling him my little sentinel. I miss him so much.

  7. We adopted a 1 year old tabby ringtail at the shelter. She was very sickly and miserable but came out of her bed briefly to lovingly head butt my husband, who doesn’t love cats. He said, “That’s the one.” After some medical attention and love, she is the best cat I’ve ever had. So smart! She loves carrying her dolls around and cracks us up. She’s feisty but loyal and follows me all day. My husband adores her, too.

  8. I too have a ringtail cat that came from a feral cat. It was born June 2019. Long hair,tan tiger with white collar and blue eyes.
    He is very smart and sensitive.

  9. Leah Winkler says

    Got a 7 month old black ringtail. He was a stray that I adopted but by God, he is a brat. 🙂 I guess he can be sweet if he wants to be, but he likes to attack me a lot. He’s super weird though because he plays fetch with a ball pretty well.

  10. When I got my ringtail I picked her up from a pound in houston tx and did not know how special she was going to be and just thought she was a mut. When I got her home she stold my hart never left my side. She was the best, she got IBD that turned to cancer. I never thought I could love a cat so much.

  11. I adopted a Ringtail kitten AT 3 WKS.OLF FROM ANGELS FOR HUMANITY in Canfield Ohio. He had a brother also.He i now 6 years old. The most loving,intelligent cat. Lynn Gennett

  12. Judy Jurok says

    Our American Ringtail has the most amazingly silky coat and is so loving. I hope his breed gets recognized by TICA very soon. We love him dearly.

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