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The American Ringtail Cat (also known as Ringtail Sing-a-Ling) came to be in 1998 with a feral cat named Solomon who had a genetic mutation that caused his tail to curl over his back. Susan Manley, the owner of Solomon, instituted a breeding program in 1999 to reproduce the anomaly. The breed is still considered an experimental breed.  In 2005, Susan began working with a few breeders and bred the curled tails with purebreds and Domestic Shorthair cats. Recently, they have been crossed with Ragdolls. In the same year, The International Cat Association (TICA) recognized the American Ringtail Cat with a “Registration Only” status.  Today the Ringtail is still considered a rare breed, as they can be difficult to find.


American Ringtail Cat Breed



WEIGHT RANGE                7-15 pounds
EYE COLOR All eye colors are possible.
COAT Silky and Smooth, Short to Medium Length. Tendency to shed is low.
COAT COLORSAll colors and patterns can be found.
OVERALL APPEARANCEAmerican Ringtails can be quite large, long, and muscular. They have a strong, flexible, and long back, as well as silky soft fur. 

When born, their tails will be straight, but as they grow, the tail will begin to smoothly curl over the back. The tail, which is muscular and broad, especially at the base, features well-developed bones that aren’t fused together, so it has complete range of motion and can even be held straight if the cat wants to uncurl it. The trait causes no pain or hindrance to the cat. 

PRICE$500- 1,000 Recognized by The International Cat Association as “Registration Only”.


American Ringtail Kittens


 The Amercan Ringtail Cat is a friendly cat, like most other breeds. Because of its medium to short hair, it is easy to groom and to keep indoors.  The cat has no health problems because of the tail mutation. Life expectancy is from 16-25 years.   


American Ringtail Cat


Singaling Cattery (run by Susan Manley)


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  1. Judy Jurok says

    Our American Ringtail has the most amazingly silky coat and is so loving. I hope his breed gets recognized by TICA very soon. We love him dearly.

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