Cat Poems – Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda (1904-1973, Chilean) is best known for his surrealist poems. He was also a diplomat and a senator. As a communist, a warrant for his arrest was issued in 1948. However, his friends hid him for months until he could escape from Chile to Argentina. He did not return until he accepted his Noble […]

Cat Poems – Pangur Bán

An Irish monk who had fled from the Viking raids to the safe city of Reichenau on Lake Constance has immortalized his cat Pangur Bán in this lovely 9th century cat poem. (Pangur is a traditional Irish name and Bán means white.)                           […]

Cat Poems – Sacrifice to the Cat that Scared all the Rats, Mei Yao Ch’en (1002-1060AD)

During the latter part of the T’ang and Sung Dynasties (618-1279 AD) Chinese cat poems and paintings became popular. Here Mei Yao Ch’en (1002-1060AD) writes a heartfelt poem to his dead cat.   Sacrifice to the Cat that Scared all the Rats When I had my Five White cat, The rats did not invade my books. This […]

Cat Poems – Agathias 550AD

Agathias wrote the first poem about a cat in history.  Born in 530AD in Asia Minor, in today’s Turkey, he was known as a poet and a historian of the reign of the Byzantine Roman emperor Justinian I between 552 and 558.     In this poem written in 550AD Agathias mentions a ravenous cat attacking one of his beloved […]

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