Bast and Kittens - Cat in ancient Egyptian Art

Bast and Kittens
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

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  1. Cats are only mentioned in the Catholic bible. The Catholic bible has a few books Protestant bibles do not have. It is rather humorous, can’t remember the book but the scripture went something like this: ‘do not be lying about like cats in the temples.’ Dogs are mentioned in both Catholic and Protestant bible. Correct me if I am wrong.

  2. I tried contacting you through the link on your home page a few times, but it’s simply not working, so I’ll paste my message below:

    You blog is a delightful discovery!

    I’m attempting to write a blogpost regarding the cat under Christian rule up until the Enlightenment. I really didn’t expect to find controversy over things that I’ve encountered repeatedly as certainties, such as did Louis XIV love cats or did he burn them in public bonfires? Did cats first reach Australia on 18th century Dutch shipwrecks, or with 19th century English colonists? Did Cardinal Richlieu have dozens of cats, or did he have no known cats? Did cats arrive in England with the Romans around 100 AD or were their remains found in two Iron Age forts from 200 years BC?

    I’ll be perusing your blog to find out what you’ve concluded about these things.

    • Thank you so much for visiting The Great Cat. I’ve checked the contact form and it seems to be working fine. Glad you have left a message. I’d be happy if you find out any information that I have missed or has changed. Good luck with your research.

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