“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

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Cat lovers who want to follow the cat as it prowls through centuries of history can find everything they want to know here. Starting with the cat's very beginnings in pre-history, to its rise as a beloved and worshipped goddess, to its demonization, and finally to its gradual climb to its position today as cherished companion and inspiration, The Great Cat will lead you to a complete understanding of the enduring history of our enigmatic feline.


Cat and Butterfly  detail from an ink and color scroll painting, 18th century  Hokusai Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC

The Great Cat traces the cat in art from Ancient Egypt to the modern day.  See how man’s perceptions of the cat have changed in art through history.


Middle Ages Manuscript with cat paw prints

Read stories, poems and quotations about cats. See how the cat was cherished all over the world from the earliest times.



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ABOUT L.A. Vocelle

Laura and Beseechy-smallLaura Vocelle is the creator and founder of The Great Cat, the top art, history, and literature website about cats.