Théodule-Augustin Ribot (1823 – 1891, French)

Theodule Ribot, cat artistThéodule-Augustin Ribot (1823 – 1891, French ) was born in Saint-Nicolas-d’Attez and studied at the École des Arts et Métiers de Châlons. After finishing his studies in 1845, he moved to Paris.

Ribot was a self-taught realist painter of domestic and still life scenes as well as portraits. In 1861, he debuted at the Paris Salon with four paintings of kitchen scenes. These works were quite popular, and they were easily sold.

Ribot was interested in the contrasts between light and dark and preferred painting from nature. Ribot used his own family members as models in many of his works. In fact, he used the family cat as a subject in his paintings as well. In Chat Dormant which depicts a woman holding a sleeping white cat, we see the same cat being used in several other paintings. Ribot’s depiction of the cat here signifies that the animal was an important part of every day life.


Sleeping Cat, Theodule Ribot

Sleeping Cat


In 1878 Ribot received the Légion d’honneur. In 1891, Théodule-Augustin Ribot, in ill health, stopped painting and moved to Colombes where he died.

The Fortune Teller’ Théodule Ribot from The Salon of 1891.

The Fortune Teller


Three Witches and a Black Cat Seated around a Cauldron, Theodule Ribot

Three Witches and a Black Cat Seated around a Cauldron


The Sick Cat, Theodule Ribot

The Sick Cat


The Cat's Lunch, Theodule Ribot

The Cat’s Lunch


Théodule Ribot, The Young Cook

The Young Cook


Theodule Ribot, The Cat and the Cook

The Cat and the Cook


Ribot (Théodule, 1823-1891) - Four studies of a cat seen from behind

Four studies of a cat seen from behind


Attribué à Théodule Ribot Saint-Nicolas-d'Attez, 1823 - Colombes, 1891


Sketch of Cats Théodule Ribot


Ribot, A Resting Cat


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