Salomon “Sal” Meijer (1877-1965, Dutch)

Sal Meijer (1878 Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 1965 Blariicum, The Netherlands) cat artistSalomon “Sal” Meijer (1877-1965, Dutch) was the son of Jewish diamond cutters and, as a young man worked in the family’s business while studying art. By 1914, he had started to concentrate only on his art. In 1926, he gave his first exhibition. Meijer survived the Nazi invasion and occupation of the Netherlands during WWII through his marriage to a non-Jew. However, he was banned from exhibiting his art during this time.

Meijer’s naïve/primitive style evokes a pleasant simplicity. His cats are captured in typical cat attitudes, mostly sleeping or sitting. All are depicted as contented. Almost all are facing straight forward with an intent gaze with rarely any embellishments such as toys or other cats.  With the publication of a book of his cat paintings in 1990, Sal Meier: Raphael der Katten, he was given the title originally associated with the German 18th century cat artist Gottfried Mind.

Sal Meijer’s works are on view at the Jewish Historical Museum and the Kattenkabinet in Amsterdam.  His paintings have been sold at auction for as much as @$65,000.00.


1878 -1965 Sal Meijer Cat on a Rug oil on canvas

Cat on a Rug


1878-1965 Sal Meijer Cat on a Chair

Cat on a Chair


1878-1965 Sal Meijer Cat Sitting on a Bed

Cat Sitting on a Bed


1878-1965 Sal Meijer Cat with a Telephone lothograph

Cat with a Telephone


1909 Sal Meijer Foreign Content 48 x 45 cm Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Foreign Content, 1909


1914c Sal Meijer Cat on a Balcony

Cat on a Balcony, 1919


1925 Sal Meijer Playful Cat in a Basket

Playful Cat in a Basket, 1925


Cat Drinking from a Faucet, Sal Meijer

Cat Drinking from a Faucet


Cat in a Basket, Salomon "Sal" Meijer

Cat in a Basket


Cat in a Wastepaper Basket, Sal Meijer

Cat in a Wastepaper Basket


Cat on a Carpet, Sal Meijer

Cat on a Carpet


Cat on a Chair, Sal Meijer

Cat on a Chair


Cat with Dutch Tiles, Sal Meijer

Cat with Dutch Tiles


Cat with Two Kittens, Sal Meijer

Cat with Two Kittens


Little Kitten, Sal Meijer

Little Kitten


Sal Meijer (Dutch, 1877-1965) - Poes met twee jongen (Cat with two kittens)

Poes met twee jongen (Cat with two kittens)


Sal Meijer, White Cat

White Cat


Sleeping White Cat, Sal Meijer

Sleeping White Cat


Tabby Cat on Red, Sal Meijer

Tabby Cat on Red


Tabby Cat Portrait, Sal Meijer

Tabby Cat Portrait


Tabby Cat, Sal Meijer

Tabby Cat


White Cat Head, Sal Meijer

White Cat Head


White Cat on Blue Pillow, Sal Meijer

White Cat on Blue Pillow



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