Ruskin Spear (1911-1990, British)

Ruskin Spear, cat painter, catsRuskin Spear (1911-1990, British), CBE, RA, was born in Hammersmith, West London, and after exhibiting a talent for art early on, attended art school and then the Royal College of Art. During WWII, he was involved in the War Artists’ Advisory Committee in the ‘Recording Britain’ project. He returned to teach at the Royal College of Art from 1948-1975.

Spear painted his immediate surroundings, primarily in Hammersmith. A well-known portrait painter, people in pubs and cats populate his works. One of the cats must have been his own, Trixie. Using broad brush strokes his works reflect a spontaneous effect which depict every day situations that are sometimes humorous, especially those of cats.  

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Cat With Roses Ruskin Spear (British, 1911–1990) Oil on board

Cat With Roses


Ruskin Spear, Cat and Flowers at the Table

Cat and Flowers at the Table


Ruskin Spear, Cat and Flowers

Cat and Flowers


The Curious Cat, Ruskin Spear. English (1911 - 1990)

The Curious Cat


Ruskin Spear R.A. (British, 1911-1990) - Cat in a Bovril Box

Cat in a Bovril Box


Ruskin Spear, Cat in a Box

Cat in a Box


Ruskin Spear R.A. (1911-1990) - Hogarth's Cat circa 1963-64 - Oil on board

Hogarth’s Cat circa 1963-64


Ruskin Spear, Cat and Canaries

Cat and Canaries


Ruskin Spear, Cat at the Window

Cat at the Window


Ruskin Spear, The Studio Window, cat art

The Studio Window


Ruskin Spear (Inglaterra, 1911-1990). The Ginger Cat

The Ginger Cat


Ruskin Spear, Cat and Piano

Cat and Piano


Ruskin Spear, Cat in the City

Cat in the City


Ruskin Spear, Cat on a Chair

Cat on a Chair


Ruskin Spear, Cats



Ruskin Spear, Orange and white cat

Orange and white cat


Ruskin Spear, Seated Cat

Seated Cat


Ruskin Spear, Sleeping cat on sofa

Sleeping cat on sofa


Ruskin Spear, Top Cat

Top Cat


Ruskin Spears, Orange Cat

Orange Cat


Ruskin Spear, Cat with Fish

Cat with Fish


Au petit déjeuner... Ruskin Spear - Breakfast Cat - Mid 20th century

Breakfast Cat


Ruskin Spear (Inglaterra, 1911-1990). Cat in the Garden

Cat in the Garden


Ruskin Spear RA (1911 - 1990) - Girl with Cat - Oil on board

Girl with Cat


Ruskin Spear, Woman with Cat

Woman with Cat


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