Pedro Linares Lopez (1906-1992, Mexican)

Pedro Linares Lopez, photoPedro Linares Lopez (1906-1992, Mexican) is famous for his paper-mâché animal and mythical figures called alebrijes.  Born in Mexico City, he created piñatas as well as other papier mâché figurines to make a living. When he was 30, during an illness, he began to dream about these surreal, mythical creatures which surrounded his death and rebirth. From those dreams, he created a new type of folk art, alebrijes.

In 1975, Judith Bronowski made a documentary on Mexican folk art and featured Linares’ work which gained international attention.  

Pedro Linares Lopez, Seated Cat

Pedro Linares Lopez was awarded the National Prize for Arts and Sciences in 1990. The works that he produced for Diego Rivera are displayed in the Anahuacalli Museum in Mexico City.

Cat Alebrijes, Pedro Linares Lopez

After his death in 1992 at the age of 85, Linares’ work still continues to be produced by his family and in other workshops across Mexico.


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