Meta Pluckebaum (1876-1945, German)

Meta Pluckebaum (1876-1945, German) was born in Dortmund and studied art with Hermann Pohle and later with her husband Karl. Pluckebaum became a prolific painter and illustrator of cats. Most of her paintings and etchings of cats are of kittens and are reminiscent of the style of Henriette Ronner-Knip and Julius Adam of the 19th century. Her kittens are cute and are always up to mischief. Her paintings and prints are frequently found for auction even today.


Kitten with a Blue Ribbon, Meta Pluckebaum




Child with Kitten, Meta Pluckebaum




Two Kittens, Meta Pluckebaum




Two Kittens on a Red Drape. Meta Pluckebaum




Kitten on Blue. Meta Pluckebaum




Orange and White Kitten, Meta Pluckebaum




Two Grey and White Kittens, Meta Pluckebaum




Kitten, Meta Pluckebaum




Cat Study, Dry point, Meta Pluckebaum




Kitten Looking at a Bee, Meta Pluckebaum




Kitten with a Red Ribbon, Meta Pluckebaum




Plump Kitten, Meta Pluckebaum




Kitten with Two Fish. Meta Pluckebaum




Kitten with Green Ribbon, Meta Plückebaum, 1876- 1945




Meta Pluckebaum, A Playful Kitten




Meta Pluckebaum, Brother and Sister Kittens




Meta Pluckebaum, Christmas Kitten




Meta Pluckebaum, Furry Cat Friends




Meta Pluckebaum, Kitten and Bee




Meta Pluckebaum, Kitten and Flowers




Meta Pluckebaum, Kitten dry point




Meta Pluckebaum, Kitten




Meta Pluckebaum, Kittens Smelling the Pansies




Meta Pluckebaum, Speelkameraden, Play Friends







Meta Pluckebaum, Two Kittens Playing




Meta Pluckebaum, Two Kittens




Meta Pluckebaum, Two White Kittens




Two Kittens and a Vase of flowers, Meta Pluckebaum




Kitten with Blue Ribbon, Meta Pluckebaum


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  1. Sharon Sanders says

    Hi Pete! I completely agree. From those above with signatures, only 2 maybe 3 looked authentic to me. I have recently fallen in love with her cat etchings through finding one at an estate sale of another German artist. The two that I own have the same signature style, but it appears that she may have used a modified signature (the change predominantly with the M and P) on some of her etchings. I am trying to get more information on this before buying a fake. Are you a family member who could verify, or do you have a recommended professional that could authenticate?

  2. Pete Pluckebaum says

    Just looked over your gallery of photos for Meta Pluckebaum. More than half are fakes from Russia, with bad copies of her signature. Someone should do more research for your articles.

    • Please let me know which ones are copies. Give me the number of the painting starting with the top working down eg… 1, 2, etc.

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