Mary Fedden (1915-2012, British)

Mary Fedden Feeding CatsMary Fedden, OBE, RA, RWA (1915 – 2012, British) was born in Bristol and attended the Slade School of Fine Arts from 1932-1936. After completing her studies there, she returned to Bristol where she taught until the beginning of WWII. In 1951, she married the artist Julian Trevelyan with whom she completed the Charing Cross Hospital Mural. From 1958-1964, she taught at the Royal College of Art


where she was the first woman ever to do so. One of her pupils was David Hockney.

Mary Fedden’s style evolved with the influence of Matisse and Braque. Her still lifes of cats place the cats in front of a wide range of landscapes and interiors and are executed in a bold manner.  Fedden was a prolific artist and continued painting up until her death at 96. Her works continue to be exhibited in numerous galleries.


Black Cat and Red Poppy, Mary Fedden

Black Cat and Red Poppy



Black Cat Café by Mary Fedden Date painted 1996 Oil on canvas, 76 x 91 cm Collection University of Bath

Black Cat Café, 1996



Black Cat on Blue, Mary Fedden

Black Cat on Blue



Black Cat on Cushion, Mary Fedden

Black Cat on Cushion



Black cat watching fish, Mary Fedden

Black Cat Watching Fish



Black Cat, Mary Fedden

Black Cat



Black Cat2, Mary Fedden

Black Cat 2



Brown Tabby Cat, Mary Fedden

Brown Tabby Cat



Cat Along the Shore, Mary Fedden

Cat Along the Shore



Cat and Apple, Mary Fedden

Cat and Apple, Mary Fedden



Cat and Butterfly, Mary Fedden

Cat and Butterfly



Cat and Compass, Mary Fedden

Cat and Compass



Cat and Fruit, Mary Fedden

Cat and Fruit



Cat and Jug, Mary Fedden

Cat and Jug



Cat and Lemon, Mary Fedden

Cat and Lemon



Cat and Pears, Mary Fedden

Cat and Pears



Cat and Sailboat, Mary Fedden

Cat and Sailboat



Cat and Snow Landscape, Mary Fedden

Cat and Snow Landscape



Cat in a Landscape, Mary Fedden

Cat in a Landscape



Cat on a Chair, Mary Fedden

Cat on a Chair



Cat on a Rug, Mary Fedden

Cat on a Rug



Cat, Mary Fedden




Julian and Sunflower, Mary Fedden

Julian and Sunflower



Julian, Mary Fedden




Litter and Ladybird, Mary Fedden 1953

Litter and Ladybird, 1953



Mary Fedden - Cats by the sea, 1981, pencil

Cats by the sea, 1981



Mary Fedden - Lulu, 1991

Lulu, 1991



Mary Fedden - The stalker

The stalker



Mary Fedden (1915-2012) - A Cat In Mousehole

A Cat In Mousehole


Mary Fedden (British, 1915-2012)- cat and plant




Mary Fedden Cat on Cornish Beach large

Cat on Cornish Beach



Mary Fedden Cats and Fruit 1990

Cats and Fruit, 1990



Mary Fedden, Black Cat

Black Cat



Mary Fedden, Cat and Flowers

Cat and Flowers



Mary Fedden, Cat and Mouse and Orange Chair

Cat and Mouse and Orange Chair



Mary Fedden, Tabby Cat on the Beach

Tabby Cat on the Beach



Michael, Mary Fedden




Michael2, Mary Fedden

Michael 2



Motely Cat, Mary Fedden

Motely Cat



Motely Cat2, Mary Fedden

Motely Cat 2



Motley Returns, Mary Fedden

Motley Returns



Motley Takes Over, Mary Fedden

Motley Takes Over



'Sleeping Cat' by Mary Fedden

‘Sleeping Cat’



Sleeping Cat. Mary Fedden, 2004. Oil on canvas.

Sleeping Cat 2



Sleeping Tabby, Mary Fedden

Sleeping Tabby



Sleeping White Cat, Mary Fedden

Sleeping White Cat



Stalker, Mary Fedden




Still life with Cat and Flowers, Mary Fedden

Still life with Cat and Flowers



Striped Cat and Black Bird, Mary Fedden

Striped Cat and Black Bird



Tabby at the Wharf, Mary Fedden

Tabby at the Wharf




Tabby Cat and Fish, Mary Fedden

Tabby Cat and Fish



Tabby Cat and Floral Display, Mary Fedden-1915-2012

Tabby Cat and Floral Display



Tabby Cat and Melon, Mary Fedden

Tabby Cat and Melon



Tabby Cat on the Sand, Mary Fedden

Tabby Cat on the Sand



Tabby Cat with Flowers, 1989, Mary Fedden

Tabby Cat with Flowers, 1989



Tabby Cat, Mary Fedden

Tabby Cat



Tabby Cat2, Mary Fedden

Tabby Cat2



Tabby in Orange, Mary Fedden

Tabby in Orange



The Chinese Teapot, Mary Fedden

The Chinese Teapot



The Stalkers, Mary Fedden

The Stalkers



Three Cats

Three Cats, Mary Fedden



Tiger Cat, Mary Fedden

Tiger Cat



Two Cats, Mary Fedden

Two Cats



White Cat, Mary Fedden

White Cat



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