Marino Lenci (1874-1939, Italian)

Marino Lenci, Unhappy Black CatMarino Lenci (1874-1939, Italian) was born in Naples, Italy. Only after becoming a bank employee did he begin to study art at the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples. After completing his studies, he moved to Venice where he became one of the organizers of the first Youth Exhibition, which marked a revival of the Neapolitan artistic movement. In 1906, he exhibited his works and went on to teach art.

He was primarily a genre painter who focused on portraits of dogs and cats. However, he did do portraits of men and women.

Marino Lenci captured his cats usually facing head on displaying their wildness, some even looking quite fierce with bared teeth.  Even so, with the use of pastels and watercolors, he also depicted mother cats lying with their kittens.

Not much is really known about him, but his works are still seen at various auctions today.  


Brown Tabby Cat



Marino Lenci, Cat and Kittens



Marino Lenci, Three Cats Seated



Three Cats



Marino Lenci, Tuxedo Cat



Cat Looking Up



Siamese, Tabby, and Tuxedo Cats, Marino Lenci



Sleeping Cat, Marino Lenci



Tuxedo Cats, Marino Lenci



White Cat with Blue Eyes, Marino Lenci



White Cat with Green Eyes, Marino Lenci



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