Marguerite Mahood (1901–1989, Australian)

Marguerite Mahood, 1901-1989 photoMarguerite Henriette Mahood (1901–1989, Australian) was a professional artist who produced ceramics, drawings, watercolors, linocuts and oil paintings.  Born in Melbourne, she was the eldest child of a middle class family.  She developed her artistic talent by attending the National Gallery school.  Highly influenced by Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau movements, her cats appearing on ceramics are long and liquid.  And her linocuts capture cats in typical attitudes never compromising their wild nature. As an illustrator, she produced many cartoons and drawings  for magazines and advertisements.  In the 1930’s, she began experimenting with pottery and over the next twenty-five years, she created earthenware ceramics that included plates and figurines as well as intricately carved filigree ware.  Islamic and Asian ceramics influenced her work. In 1938, with the birth of her son, Marguerite Mahood ceased producing as many ceramics and completely stopped in 1956. In the late 30’s she became actively involved in the Communist Party of Australia, producing posters and banners for its cause. Even so, her exhibitions from 1934-50 remained successful.


Mahood, Marguerite Henriette. 1901-89, cat, leaping cat, cats in art


Marguerite Mahood, cat


The Linosaurus Marguerite Mahood

The Linosaurus


Marguerite Mahood,siamese cat design

Siamese Cat


Mahood, Marguerite Henriette. Australian artist, (1901-89) Cat and Goldfish Bowl

Cat and Goldfish Bowl


Marguerite Mahood, cats in art, linocut cats


Marguerite Mahood, cat lying down


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