Lowell Herrero (1921-2015, American)

Lowell Herrero, Cat artistLowell Herrero (1921-2015, American) was born in California and graduated from Oakland Technical High School and during WWII served in the U.S. Coast Guard. After the war, he enrolled in the California College of Arts and Crafts. Initially, Herrero worked in advertising and illustration; afterwards he started his own graphic design agency. With the closing of this business, Herrero began to pursue a career in fine art. A prolific artist, he painted hundreds of cats often set in farm backgrounds.  His naïve style is reminiscent of the British artist Martin Leman.



Barn Buddies, Lowell Herrero

Barn Buddies



Cat Behind the Curtain, Lowell Herrero

Behind the Curtain



Cat and Cow Best Friends, Lowell Herrero

Best Friends



Bijou Brown, Lowell Herrero

Bijou Brown



Black Cat on a Snowy Day, Lowell Herrero

Black Cat on a Snowy Day



Cat by the Fire, Lowell Herrero

By the Fire



Cat By the Sea, Lowell Herrero

By the Sea



Cat and Books, Lowell Herrero

Cat and Books



Cat and Flowers, Lowell Herrero

Cat and Flowers



Cat and Leaves, Lowell Herrero

Cat and Leaves

Cat and Pumpkins, Lowell Herrero

Cat and Pumpkins



Cat and Snowglobe Lowell Herrero

Cat and Snowglobe


Cat and Stockings, Lowell Herrero

Cat and Stockings



Christmas Tree and Cat, Lowell Herrero

Christmas Tree and Cat



Cats and Presents, Lowell Herrero

Cats and Presents


Lowell Herrero, Christmas Cat

Christmas Cat



Lowell Herrero, Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas



Cat and White Flowers, Lowell Herrero

Cat and White Flowers



Cat Between the Blinds, Lowell Herrero

Cat Between the Blinds



Cat on a Fence, Lowell Herrero

Cat on a Fence

Cat on a Stool, Lowell Herrero

Cat on a Stool



Cat Snack Time, Lowell Herrero

Cat Snack Time



Cats in the Barn, Lowell Herrero

Cats in the Barn



Clara, Lowell Herrero




Cow and Cat, Lowell Herrero

Cow and Cat



Helping Out, Lowell Herrero

Helping Out



Hugo and Butterfly, Lowell Herrero

Hugo and Butterfly



Cat in the Library, Lowell Herrero

In the Library



Kitten and Black Dog, Lowell Herrero

Kitten and Black Dog



Kitten and Cow, Lowell Herrero

Kitten and Cow



Kitten in Tissue Box, Lowell Herrero

Kitten in Tissue Box



Kitten Playing with Yarn, Lowell Herrero

Kitten Playing with Yarn



Lowell Herrero American Cat Rose

American Cat, Rose



LOWELL HERRERO 1984 Black Cat in Door

Black Cat in Door



Lowell Herrero, Autumn Cat

Autumn Cat



Lowell Herrero, Cat and Frog

Cat and Frog



Lowell Herrero, Kitten and Cow

Kitten and Cow



Lowell Herrero, Love




Lowell Herrero, Nap Time

Nap Time



Cat Lowell Herrero, In the Window

In the Window



Lowell Herrero, Cat Sniffing the Flowers

Sniffing the Flowers



Lowell Herrero, Taxi Cat

Taxi Cat



Lowell Herrero, Two Tuxedo Cats

Two Tuxedos



Lowell Herrero, Calico Cat

Calico Cat



Mail Cat, Lowell Herrero




Mocha Dominguez Cat, Lowell Herrero

Mocha Dominguez



Moon Cat, Lowell Herrero

Moon Cat



Cat Play time, Lowell Herrero

Play time

Pumpkin Cat, Lowell Herrero

Pumpkin Cat



Siamese Cat and Fishbowl, Lowell Herrero

Siamese Cat and Fishbowl



Sleeping Cat, Lowell Herrero

Sleeping Cat



Stretch Kelly, Lowell Herrero

Stretch Kelly



Tabby Cat, Lowell Herrero

Tabby Cat



Tuxedo Cat on Blue, Lowell Herrero

Tuxedo Cat on Blue



Two Kittens and Pumpkin, Lowell Herrero

Two Kittens and Pumpkin



Two Siamese, Lowell Herrero

Two Siamese



Cat Under the Bed, Lowell Herrero

Under the Bed



Cat Under the Blanket, Lowell Herrero

Under the Blanket



Where's Dinner, Lowell Herrero

Where’s Dinner



White House Cat, Lowell Herrero

Socks White House Cat


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