Louis Icart (1880-1950, French)

Photo of Louis IcartLouis Icart (1880-1950, French) was interested in drawing and, in particular, fashion from a young age.  He was influenced by the eighteenth century artists Jean Antoine Watteau, François Boucher and Jean Honoré Fragonard as well as Degas and Monet. Impressed by his drawings, his aunt brought him to Paris in 1907 where he was able to start drawing for fashion houses. His sensuous erotic portrayals of women are almost always accompanied by a horse, dog or cat. His drawings are soft and flowing and exude a humorous side; the women are almost always smiling.

Born in Toulouse, he was the first son and was nicknamed ‘Helli’. Icart was an airplane pilot during WWI. After the war, in 1914, he married Fanny Volmers, who would be his main model for most of his works. During the 1920’s and 30’s he took part in the Art Deco movement and was quite successful in his own lifetime.

Icart produced more than five hundred engravings and illustrated more than thirty books. During the occupation of France in WWII, he produced an engraved series called The Exodus. After the war, his work was forgotten, but interest was renewed after the discovery of some of his early paintings in the attic of an art school. Today his works are available from the major auction houses as well as on Ebay.





At the Opera - Louis Icart

At the Opera







Cat and Mouse, Louis Icart

Cat and Mouse


Dance with Me by Louis Icart

Dance with Me


















Lady and Persian Cat, Louis Icart

Lady and Persian Cat




Louis Icart - Red Cage, 1928

Red Cage, 1928





Louis Icart, Teasing the Cats

Teasing the Cats




Louis Icart, The Black Persian, Enigma, 1935

The Black Persian, Enigma, 1935








Milkmaid 1928, Louis Icart

Milkmaid, 1928




Persian Cat, 1923, Louis Icart

Persian Cat, 1923

Pierrette, au Clair de la Lune, by Louis Icart, 1927

Pierrette, au Clair de la Lune, 1927




Sleeping cat, 1922, Louis Icart

Sleeping Cat, 1922


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