Jozef Wilkon  (1930-present, Polish)

Jozef Wilkon, cat illustrationsJozef Wilkon  (1930-present, Polish) is a prolific illustrator, painter and animal sculptor. He is known as one of the greatest Polish illustrators of both adult and children’s books, having illustrated more than 200 books in more than 20 languages. Wilkon studied at the Art Academy in Krakow and graduated in 1954 with a master’s degree. Afterwards, he spent a year in Paris. In 1956, Wilkon moved from Krakow to Warsaw and pursued a career primarily in illustration.

His realistic animals are created with clear brush strokes usually done in ink, watercolors and dry pastels. The influence of Marc Chagall is clearly evident. Wilkon says, “My ambition was to capture the movement and the character of the animal with one stroke of a large brush.” His animals are used as metaphors, but Wilkon insists that he does not use animals to represent human characteristics. Wilkon frequently uses wild and domestic cats as subjects of his works. In the Trampled Cat (1992) they are used to tell the story of the French Revolution.

Throughout Jozef Wilkon’s  long career he has won numerous awards and has held more than 60 exhibitions of his works. His art is held by many public and private collections throughout the world.



Balancing Cat, Jozef Wilkon

Balancing Cat




Black and White Cat, Jozef Wilkon

Black and White Cat




Black Cat Family, Jozef Wilkon, Jozef Wilkon 

Black Cat Family




Black Cat, Jozef Wilkon

Black Cat




Cat and Bee, Jozef Wilkon

Cat and Bee


Cat and Dragonfly, Jozef Wilkon

Cat and Dragonfly




Cat Family, Jozef Wilkon

Cat Family




Cat with Birds, Jozef Wilkon

Cat with Birds




Cats by Józef Wilkoń, Jozef Wilkon 





Fraidy Cat, Jozef Wilkon

Fraidy Cat




Green Eyed Cat, Jozef Wilkon

Green Eyed Cat




Józef Wilkon - Kot-cat, Jozef Wilkon 





Jozef Wilkon, Cat Playing with String

Cat Playing with String





Józef Wilkoń, Cats Playing, Jozef Wilkon 

Cats Playing


Józef Wilkon, illustrator Dog and Cat, Jozef Wilkon 

Dog and Cat




Józef Wilkoń, Kotek, Jozef Wilkon 





Józef-Wilkon-Kot, Jozef Wilkon 

Sleeping Cat




Kici kici miau Józef Wilkoń. Jozef Wilkon 

Kici kici miau




Kici-kici-miau-kocia-kolysanka_Jozef-Wilkon, cats, Jozef Wilkon 




Kitten, Jozef Wilkon





Kotek Jozef Wilkon





Orange Cat and Mice, Jozef Wilkon

Orange Cat and Mice




Sitting Black Cat, Jozef Wilkon

Sitting Black Cat



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