John Alonzo Williams (1869-1951, American)

John Alonzo Williams, Cat ArtistJohn Alonzo Williams (1869-1951, American) was a prolific illustrator of books and magazines as well as an award winning watercolorist. Williams studied at the Art Students League and the Metropolitan School of Art in New York. He later became a member of the National Academy of Design.

A cat lover, he captured his own cats in his unique water paintings.

Williams won various awards throughout his life for his works, among them were the George A. Zabriskie prize in 1927, the Shaw prize in 1934 and 1936, the William Church Osborn prize of the American Water Color Society in 1946.


John Alonzo Williams, Cat Cleaning Itself

Cat Cleaning Itself


JOhn Alonzo Williams, Cat Sitting in Front of a Window

Cat Sitting in front of a Window


John Alonzo Williams, Orange Cat



JOhn Alonzo Williams, Resting Cat



John Alonzo Williams, The Watchful Cat

The Watchful Cat


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