John Aldridge (1905-1983, British)

John Aldridge, Self Portrait 1946

John Aldridge, Self Portrait 1946

John Aldridge (1905-1983, British) grew up in a wealthy military family and attended Oxford University and graduated in 1928. After moving to London, he taught himself to paint and held his first exhibition at the Leichester Galleries in 1931 and continued to exhibit at the Galleries until 1934.

In 1933, Aldridge moved to Great Bardfield in Essex and bought a house.  He became friends with his neighbor, Edward Bawden, another cat lover. The two briefly collaborated on wallpaper designs.

In 1941, Aldridge joined the British Intelligence Corps. At the end of the war in 1945, Aldridge continued his landscape painting which was based on the Essex countryside, and memories of his visits to Italy and Mallorca.

Aldridge started teaching at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London in 1949.

On Aldridge’s 75 birthday, the New Grafton Gallery in London exhibited a retrospective of his works. His works can be found at the Fry Art Gallery in Essex, the British Council, the Tate Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Victory and Albert Museum and the Royal Academy.


A Garden in Mallorca, John Aldridge

A Garden, Mallorca



Lady with a Cat, John Aldridge

Lady with a Cat



Detail, Lady with a Cat, John Aldridge

Detail, Lady with a Cat



Sketches of a Cat, John Aldridge

Sketches of a Cats



John Aldridge, Cat on a Chair

Cat on a Chair



Cat Cleaning



Dick, Head of Tabby, 1959

Dick, Head of Tabby, 1959



Head of Dark Cat



Christmas Card with Cats, 1939

Christmas Card with Cats, 1939



John Aldridge, Christmas 1939

Christmas 1939


The Place Christmas Greetings,1946

The Place Christmas Greetings,1946


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