Horst Janssen (1929-1995, German)

Horst Janssen, cat artistHorst Janssen (1929-1995, German) is known as an eccentric and one of the most notable draftsmen of the second half of the 20th century. He was also an illustrator, printmaker and produced wood engravings. Some of his early portraits even included Edgar Allen Poe. His work was first published in 1947. By 1965 a retrospective of his drawings and graphic works was held in various cities in Germany and Switzerland.





Cat, 1979, Horst Janssen

Cat, 1979

Janssen was an independent artist with an exceptional gift for drawing. His works centered on the themes of still life, erotic drawings, death, portraits and landscapes. These works are multi-layered and juxtapose reality and fantasy.

Cat and Kitten, Horst Janssen

Janssen was especially fond of his cat Lydia and other cats, whom he captured in many of his works.

Horst Janssen, Lydia 3



There is a Horst Janssen Museum in his hometown of Oldenburg and his work is housed in many major international museums.



Horst Janssen, Lydia 1987

Lydia 1987



Horst Janssen, Cat Etching


Horst Janssen, Cat Looking



Horst Janssen, Katze 2


Horst Janssen, katze mit vogel

Katze mit vogel


Horst Janssen, Katze und Ratte

Katze und Ratte


Horst Janssen, Katze und Vogel

Katze und Vogel


Horst Janssen, Katze


Horst Janssen, Lydia, 1987

Lydia, 1987


Horst Janssen, Lydia



Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat


Horst Janssen, Wild Cat

Wild Cat


Lydia 2



Montage Katze, Horst Janssen

Montage Katze





Janosch,  1994

Janosch, 1994


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