Franco Gentilini (1909-1981, Italian)

Franco Gentilini and catFranco Gentilini (1909-1981) was an artist, illustrator and stage designer. Today he is considered one of the greatest Italian figurative artists of the 20th century.  He first exhibited his work in Venice in 1930 at the 17th Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte della Città di Venezia.  In 1932, he moved to Rome where he held his first solo show at the Galleria di Roma, which led to numerous other awards during this decade. Most of his works at this time were influenced by pre-Renaissance Italian art. Later, Gentilini’s works would grow to reflect the Italian culture between World War II and the post war period while combining both painting and drawing in his works.  Even though his works, for the most part, are joyful, they also depict a sickness at the devastation caused by war. From the 1950’s Gentilini’s works became more geometric. Cats were especially dear to him, and he used their inescapable symbolism to portray domesticity, femininity and eroticism. He died in 1981 after a brief illness.

Gentilini The Cat Figaro 1978



Cat and Ball of yarn, cats in art, cat and Gentilini


Gatto, 1956 by Franco Gentilini (Italian 1909 – 1981), cats in paintings, cats in art



Gentilini untitled cat 1976, cats in art, art cats, famous cats, artists' cats

sand on paper laid down on canvas



F. Gentilini, gatto, cats, art cats, paintings of cats



F. Gentilini Cats


Franco Gentilini Cat drawing, cats in art, art cats, painted cats




Gentilini cat on a table with ball




Franco Gentilini, 1954, Tavalo Tondo con Gatto, oil on canvas sandblasted.

Tavalo Tondo con Gatto


Gentilini, Cat Lying down


F. Gentilini cats, art cats, paintings with cats, modern cats


F. Gentilini cat and fish 1970

Cat and Fish



Pastel on Card


F. Gentilini Cat at the table, cats in art









F. Gentilini The Girl and the Cat 1977, women and cats

The Girl and the Cat


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