Fernando Botero (1932 – present, Colombian)

Fernando Botero and cat statueFernando Botero Angulo (1932-present) was born in Medillin, Colombia.  A figurative, abstract artist and sculptor, his style is known for depicting people and animals in large sizes and is called ‘Boterismo’.  Botero was highly influenced by the Baroque style of colonial churches and life in his home town of Medellin as well as the political murals of Mexican artist Diego Rivera. Botero says of his “fat” figures, “An artist is attracted to certain kinds of form without knowing why. You adopt a position intuitively; only later do you attempt to rationalize or even justify it.”

He first started drawing in 1948 and had his illustrations published in El Colombiano. In the same year, his work was first exhibited. Later he moved to Madrid and then Paris and Italy where he studied and continued to exhibit his work. His rise to prominence started in 1958 when he won the first prize at the Salon de Artistas Colombianos.

Many of Botero’s works are of cats especially his sculptures. These large cat sculptures can be found in many major cities of the world. Paintings of women often include a cat or cats perhaps used as a symbol of femininity and/or domesticity. 


Botero cat statue Barcelona






Fernando Botero cat statue




Botero cat statue Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Fernando Botero cat statue Singapore, cats, cat sculpture, cat art



Botero cat sculpture, yerevan armenia

Yerevan, Armenia



Botero cat sculpture 1976


cat sculpture of F. Botero

Fernando Botero, Cat, 2010








F. Botero a fat cat 1979


f. Botero cat with ball


F. Botero Seated woman with cat, cat paintings, cat sketches


F. Botero Seated girl with cat 1971


WOMAN WITH CAT By Fernando Botero ,1980


Botero - cat sketch



F. Botero Seated Woman with a Cat 1955

Seated Woman with a Cat


Fernando Botero, Seated Woman with a Cat 1955, detail

Seated Woman with a Cat
1955, detail


Fernando Botero, Arnolfini 1978

Arnolfini 1978


F. Botero bedroom with cat, cats in art


Fernando Botero woman with cat


F. Botero cat on a bed, cats in paintings, cat art, cats

The Cat



Botero, cat on a roof, cats in art


Colombian Family and cat Fernando Botero


F. Botero, El Gato, The Cat, cats in art


F. Botero Family Scene 1969


F. Botero The Family and cat, cat paintings



f. Botero the kitchen, cat art


F. Botero, Girl and Cat, cat paintings


F. Botero, Woman holding a Cat, cat art


F. Botero homage to sanchez cotan, cat art


F. Botero In the Bedroom, cats in art


Fernando Botero, La Viuda The Widow, cat paintings


F. Botero Mother and Daughter with cat


Niña con gato Girl with cat Fernando Botero


F. Botero Nude woman with cat


Room with Children's Games 1970 Fernando Botero, cats in art


Botero, women sewing with cat


F Botero Sisters with cat 1969


Still Life with Green soup --Fernando Botero, 1972, cats in art


The Girls and their Cat 1970 F. Botero


The Old Maid (and her cat) - Oil painting, 1974, F. Botero, cats in art


F. Botero Woman Drinking with Cat


woman seated with cat, F. Botero




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