Charles Raymond Blackman, OBE (1928-2018, Australian)

Charles Blackman cat artist and cat loverVale Charles Raymond Blackman, OBE (1928-2018, Australian) was a prolific artist who loved cats. He is best known for his series Schoolgirls and Alice in Wonderland.

Blackman was primarily self-taught after having left school at age 13. He worked as an illustrator with The Sun newspaper while attending East Sydney Technical College where he later earned an honorary doctorate. He joined the Heide Circle in 1951. In 1959, he became a member of the Antipodeans due to his use of figurative painting and drawing.

1 School Boy and CAt 2009, Charles Blackman

School Boy and Cat 2009


2 School Girl and Cat 2008, Charles Blackman

School Girl and Cat 2008


3 Girl with Two Cats, 2009, Charles Raymond Blackman

Girl with Two Cats, 2009


3a Girl and Cat 2009, Charles Raymond Blackman

Girl and Cat, 2009


4 Alice in the Cat's Garden 1969, Charles R. Blackman

Alice in the Cat’s Garden, 1969


5 Alice's Cat II, Charles Blackman

Alice’s Cat II


In the early 60’s he moved to London and held exhibitions at Whitechapel and Tate Galleries, and in 1977 he was awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) due to his contributions to Australian public collections and regional galleries.


6 Cat Garden II 1975, Charles R. Blackman

Cat Garden II 1975


7 The White Cat's Garden 1969, Charles Blackman

The White Cat’s Garden 1969


8 The White Cat's Garden II, Charles Blackman

The White Cat’s Garden II


9 The Cats Garden, Charles R. Blackman

The Cat’s Garden


10 White Cat in Garden, Charles Blackman

White Cat in Garden


11 Painter of the White Cat's Garden II, Charles R. Blackman

Painter of the White Cat’s Garden II


Blackman’s cats are portrayed in a dreamlike manner that transmit mystery and sometimes foreboding. It is clear that he owned cats and loved them. Many of his works include them and many more have cats as the main subjects. What is unique about his works is his talent for depicting events through his subject’s view point. Many of these use odd angels and washed out colors. Blackman created his works in a variety of styles and media. 


12 The Cat's Garden, Charles R Blackman

The Cat’s Garden


Afternoon, Charles Blackman



Black Cat Face, Charles Raymond Blackman

Black Cat Face


Blue Cat, Charles Raymond Blackman

Blue Cat


Cat and Woman, Charles Blackman

Cat and Woman


Cat Heart and Lovers, Charles Blackman

Cat Heart and Lovers


Cat on Roof 1952, Charles Blackman

Cat on Roof, 1952


Cat Reading, Charles Raymond Blackman, 1988

Cat Reading, 1988


Cat Woman, Charles R. Blackman

Cat Woman


Cat's Face, Charles Blackman

Cat’s Face


Cat's Garden, Charles Blackman

Cat’s Garden


Cats, Charles Blackman



Charles BLACKMAN 1928-2018 Girl & Cat 1969

Girl & Cat 1969


Charles Blackman, Cat, Woman, Man

Cat, Woman, Man


Charles Blackman, Leaping Cat

Leaping Cat


Colette's Cat, Charles Raymond Blackman

Colette’s Cat


Dream of the Cat, Charles Blackman

Dream of the Cat


My Cat at Swanbourne Beach, Charles Blackman

My Cat at Swanbourne Beach


Reclining Nude with Two Black Cats, Charles Raymond Blackman

Reclining Nude with Two Black Cats


Spellbound 1978, Charles R. Blackman

Spellbound 1978


The Black Cat, 1976, Charles R Blackman

The Black Cat, 1976


The Cat's Plant, Charles Blackman

The Cat’s Plant


The Cat's Plant, Charles Blackman

The Cat’s Plant


Upside Down Cat, Charles Blackman

Upside Down Cat


Witches and Sabath 1969, Charles Raymond Blackman

Witches and Sabbath 1969


Young girl with Cat and Flowers, Charles Blackman

Young girl with Cat and Flowers

Blackman suffered from alcoholism and in his later years lived with dementia. He died shortly after his 90th birthday.


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