Carlos Páez Vilaró (1923 – 2014, Uruguayan)

Carlos Paez Vilaro and his Cat

Carlos Paez Vilaro and his Cat

Carlos Páez Vilaró (1923 – 2014, Uruguayan) was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and became a prolific abstract artist, painter, potter, sculptor, muralist, writer, composer and constructor.

Vilaró’s work was influenced by Afro-Uruguayan culture. A member of the ‘Grupo de los 8’ he joined other artists in exploring new techniques in painting. In 1956, Vilaró was invited to exhibit his work in the Modern Art Museum of Paris. Along with Willem De Kooning he gave his first international exhibition in Buenos Aires in 1960. Meanwhile, he was being commissioned for murals which can be seen in various cities around the world.  


Vilaro's Cat in Gallery

Vilaro’s Cat in Gallery

Friends with the animal lovers Brigitte Bardot and Pablo Picasso, it is no wonder that he loved cats. His paintings of cats are colorfully bold and reflect African influence. He believed that color could relieve pain. Many of his paintings feature large abstract cats sometimes with women and men.

Vilaró was active until the day he died at the age of 90.


Carlos Paez Vilaro Four Cats

Four Cats




Carlos Páez Vilaró Two Cat Faces

Two Cat Faces




Carlos Paez Vilaro Two Cats

Two Cats



Blue Cat Design, Carlos Paez Vilaro

Blue Cat Design




Carlos Paez Vilaro, Abstract Cats

Abstract Cats




Carlos Paez Vilaro, Blue and Pink Cat

Blue and Pink Cat




Carlos Páez Vilaró, Blue Cat

Blue Cat




Carlos Paez Vilaro, Cat 2




Carlos Paez Vilaro, Cat 23

Cat 23




Carlos Paez Vilaro, Cat and Accordion Player

Cat and Accordion Player




Carlos Paez Vilaro, Cat




Carlos Paez Vilaro, Child and Cat

Child and Black Cat




Cat in the Bathroom, Carlos Paez Vilaro

Cat in the Bathroom




Carlos Paez Vilaro, Detail, Cat in the Bathroom

Detail, Cat in the Bathroom




Carlos Paez Vilaro, Eight, cats in art





Carlos Paez Vilaro, Long Cat

Long Cat




Carlos Paez Vilaro




Gato Negro, Carlos Vilaro

Gato Negro




Woman, Cat, Boats Carlos Vilaro

Woman, Cat, Boats




Woman, Man and Cat, Carlos Vilaro

Woman, Man and Cat




Carlos Páez Vilaró Woman and Cat

Woman and Cat




Carlos Paez Vilaro, Woman, Man and Cat in Bar

Woman, Man and Cat in Bar



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