Benno Kogl (1891-1969/72/73?, German)

Benno Kogl, his real name, Benedikt (1891-1969/72/73?, German) mainly painted still lifes and cats. Because of his love of painting cats, he was nicknamed Katzen-Kogl or Cat Kogl. Most of his paintings are miniatures, and some do not exceed one square inch. Not much is known about him, but his paintings show the distinct influence of Julius Adam, another well-known German artist who painted primarily cats and kittens.  His works are still available today from most auction houses.


Benno Kogl Cat family

Cat Family




Benno Kogl, Three Kittens Playing

Three Kittens Playing




Benno Kogl, Three Kittens

Three Kittens




Four Kittens, Benno Kogl

Four Kittens




Kitten with Orange Bow, Benno Kogl

Kitten with Orange Bow




Kittens Playing with a Bug, Benno Kogl

Kittens Playing with a Bug




Kittens Playing with Yarn, Benno Kogl

Kittens Playing with Yarn




Kittens, Benno Kogl





Mother Cat and Two Kittens, Benno Kogl

Mother Cat and Two Kittens




Three Kittens and Two Butterflies, Benno Kogl

Three Kittens and Two Butterflies




Three Kittens on a Cushion, Benno Kogl

Three Kittens on a Cushion




Three Kittens Singing, Benno Kogl

Three Kittens Singing




Three Kittens, Benno Kogl

Three Kittens




Two White Cats, Benno Kogl

Two White Cats



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