Agnes Miller Parker (1895-1980, Scottish)

Agnes Miller Parker (1895–1980) born in Ayrshire, Scotland became an engraver and illustrator. Not much is known about her life. However, from 1911-1917 she studied art at the Glasgow School of art and joined the staff for a short time. After marriage and up until 1955, when she moved back to Glasgow, most of her life had been spent in southern England. Agnes Miller Parker was a prolific artist producing many wood engravings which were used primarily for book illustrations. Parker’s work of the 1920s is influenced by the Cubist and Vorticist movements. She held a special affinity towards animals, birds and fish.  In one of her most striking independent prints, The Challenge, we see a large black cat ready to attack, its claws out. Parker is adeptly able to portray the moisture in the cat’s eyes and the softness of its fur.



Agnes Miller Parker The Challenge 1934

The Challenge


The Challenge Detail Agnes Miller Parker, black cats in art

The Challenge


Agnes Miller Parker Coquette 1934, cats in art, cats in wood prints



1934 Agnes Parker cats in art


Miller Parker, cats in art, wood prints of cats



Foxes and Cat Miller Parker, cats in art, cat prints

Foxes and Cat


Agnes M Parker, cats in art, wood block prints

Siamese Cats, 1938


Siamese Cat and Bird 1937, Agnes Parker, cats in art

Siamese Cat and Bird


Siamese Cats 1936-37, A. Miller Parker

Siamese Cats


Two Siamese Cats 1948, Agnes M. Parker

Two Siamese Cats


Siamese Cat 1950, Agnes Parker, cats in art

Siamese Cat


C for Cat Linocut, Miller Parker, cats in illustrations

C for Cat


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