Gottfried Mind (1768-1814, Swiss)

Die_Gartenlaube_Gottfried Mind(1868)Gottfried Mind (1768-1814, Swiss) was also known as the Raphael of Cats because of his talent in depicting the cat in art.  Mind was an autistic savant who throughout his life suffered from a weak constitution. As a child Mind came under the tutelage of the German artist Legel. Legel spent a lot of time with Mind and encouraged his artistic talent. Early on, Mind was interested in drawing animals, with lions being his favorite. Because his father thought drawing on paper a useless endeavor, Mind turned to working with wood and created many animal carvings.  After spending a time in an academy for poor children, he came to study under the painter Sigmund Hendenberger.  Mind learned how to draw and use watercolors even though he could barely write his name.  Mind’s love affair with cats began when he saw a sketch that Hendenberger had created and criticized his drawing of the cat stating “That is no cat!”  Hendenberger challenged Mind to draw it better, and he did.  After Hendenberger’s death, Mind was free to develop his own style. Mind spent most of his time indoors owing to his poor health.  There he had an array of domestic pets, but cats were his favorites. Often while painting, he would have a cat sitting on his back or on his shoulders as well as one on the table supervising his work.  His close relationship with cats allowed him to sketch them with an elegance that caught their true natures.  Mind was just 46 when he succumbed to his increasing poor health.



Mind, Two white cats on a table with books


Gottfried Mind, White cat and kitten


Gottfried Mind mother and kitten drinking milk


Gottfried Mind the cat's toilet


Mind, Cat in a cage


Mind, Katze-mit-drei-Jungen


Mind Mother and kittens


Katzenmutter-mit-drei-Jungen-an-einem-Futterteller g. mind


Mind, Cat family playing around a stool


Mind, Katzen Mutter mit drei Jungen, cats in art


Gottfried Mind Cat and mouse


Gottfried Mind Cat drinking milk


Gottfried Mind Cat playing with kittens


Gottfried Mind cat sketch, Raphael of Cats


Gottfried Mind Cat,kittens and flies


G Mind, mother cat and kittens, cat art


Gottfried Mind Mother and kittens 3


Gottfried Mind Mother and Kittens 4


Mind Mother and kittens 5


Gottfried Mind mother and kittens 6


Mind Mother and kittens 8


Mind Mother and kittens 9


Gottfried Mind Mother and kittens playing


Gottfried Mind Mother and two kittens


Gottfried Mind Two cats fighting


Gottfried Mind, cat sketch


Mind, Sketch of 3 cats








Mind, Katz 1



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  1. This shit was exquisite

  2. Shaneequa Jackon says

    I love Mind. I want an original. Where can I get mines?

  3. I LOVED this article. I’d seen a couple of his pictures but didn’t know the troubles with which he was burdened. What a talent! I’m so happy he got a chance to develop it, despite all the odds. Truly an inspiration and a pleasure to cat lovers!

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