Wilson Hepple (1854-1937, British)

Wilson Hepple at first trained to be a woodcarver, but in his late teenage years he left his woodcarving apprenticeship to concentrate on painting catsWilson Hepple (1854-1937, British) was a Victorian painter who primarily painted cats, kittens and horses. Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, he studied at the Newcastle School of Art, but was mainly self-taught. He became known as the ‘Cat Man’ because of his many paintings of cats and kittens, and must have been an avid cat lover and observer since he was able to capture the animals as they went about their cat business creating mischief, playing and just posing. His paintings are reminiscent of other 19th century painters such as Henriette Ronner-Knip, Eugene Lambert, Julius Adam, Carl Reichert, Charles Van den Eycken and Rosa Bebbs among others. His son, J. W. Hepple also became a painter, concentrating on animals and genre compositions.  Both are buried in Acklington churchyard. Hepple’s paintings are readily available on auction sites even today.


A Tabby Cat with a Kitten - Wilson Hepple

A Tabby Cat with a Kitten


Cat and the Paint.Wilson Hepple

Cat and the Paint


Cat on a chair Wilson Hepple (1854-1937)

Cat on a Chair


Cozy Family, Wilson Hepple

Cozy Family


Curiosity, Wilson Hepple



Expectation 1, Wilson Hepple



Favorite Chair, Wilson Hepple

Favorite Chair


ForgetMeNot, Wilson Hepple

Forget Me Not


Grey Kitten Posing, Wilson Hepple

Grey Kitten Posing


Kitten and watch Wilson Hepple

Kitten and Watch


Kitten beside a Jewelry Box, Wilson Hepple

Kitten beside a Jewelry Box


Kitten Drinking Milk, Wilson Hepple

Kitten Drinking Milk


Kitten on a chair Wilson Hepple

Kitten on a Chair


Kitten Seated on a Red Cushion, Wilson Hepple

Kitten Seated on a Red Cushion


Kitten, Wilson Hepple, private collection



Kittens and Paintings

Kittens and Paintings


Kittens watching goldfish Wilson Hepple

Kittens Watching Goldfish


Playful Times, Wilson Hepple

Playful Times


Portrait of a Cat, Wilson Hepple

Portrait of a Cat


Portrait of a Tabby Cat, Wilson Hepple

Portrait of a Tabby Cat


Portrait of Cat, Wilson Hepple

Portrait of Cat


Startled by an Intruder, Wilson Hepple

Startled by an Intruder


The Happy Family, Wilson Hepple

The Happy Family


The Kitten had the Cream, Wilson Hepple

The Kitten had the Cream


Three Cats, Wilson Hepple

Three Cats


Two cats playing with thread, Wilson Hepple

Two cats Playing with Thread


Two grey kittens Wilson Hepple

Two Grey Kittens


Two kittens and a box Wilson Hepple

Two Kittens and a Box


Two Kittens at Tea time- Wilson Hepple

Two Kittens at Tea time


Two kittens on a gold cushion Wilson Hepple

Two Kittens on a Gold Cushion


Wilson Hepple - Study of a Cat, 1902

Study of a Cat


Wilson Hepple (1853-1937) Making His Mark

Making His Mark


Wilson Hepple (1854-1937) - A kitten with a shell and flowers in a glass vase - Oil on canvas, 1901

A kitten with a shell and flowers in a glass vase, 1901


Kittens and Flowers, Wilson Hepple

Kittens and Flowers


Wilson Hepple Kitten with paint and palate

Kitten with Paint and Palate


Wilson Hepple Mischief



Wilson Hepple, The Kittens

The Kittens


Wilson Hepple, Kittens playing with a Ball

Kittens playing with a Ball of String


Wilson Hepple.Cat and Pendant

Cat and Pendant


Two Kittens on the Table, Wilson Hepple


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