Wilhelm Schwar (1860-1943, German)

Wilhelm Schwar-photoWilhelm Friedrich Johann Schwar (1860-1943, German) was born in Munster, Westphalia. In his youth, he discovered his passion for art and painting and soon moved to Munich where he studied at the Künstlerhochburg.  He began to exhibit his genre works in 1890.  He met the cat artist Julius Adam, as they were neighbors, in the art commune.  Perhaps influenced by Adam, he turned his attention to solely portraying animals and in particular cats.  Cats had become a popular subject for artists because they sold well and many artists who painted cats at the time were successful, such as Louis Eugène Lambert, Henriette Ronner-Knip, Louis Wain, Thèophile Alexandre Steinlen, Henry Dolph and Carl Kahler.  

Schwar’s exacting and realistic style is distinct. His cats, while seemingly relaxed, are highly detailed and remain popular on today’s auction sites.

However, after WWI cat paintings began to become less popular, and Schwar faced financial problems. Wilhelm Schwar died a forgotten artist in 1943 at age 83.



A Tempting Treat, 1909 Wilhelm Schwar, katze

A Tempting Treat, 1909



Cat in a Basket, Wilhelm Schwar

Cat in a Basket



Child with Pet Cat and Dog by Wilhelm Schwar 1898

Child with Pet Cat and Dog 1898



Girl with a Kitten, Wilhelm Schwar

Girl with a Kitten



Dog and Kitten, Wilhelm Schwar

Dog and Kitten



Good friends Wilhelm Schwar

Good Friends



Grey and White Cat, Wilhelm Schwar

Grey and White Cat



Grey and White Kitten, Wilhelm Schwar

Grey and White Kitten



Kitten and Bee 2, Wilhelm Schwar

Kitten and Bee



Kitten and Bee, Wilhelm Schwar

Kitten and Bee



Kitten and Butterfly, Wilhelm Schwar

Kitten and Butterfly



Kitten with Beetle, Wilhelm Schwar

Kitten with Beetle



Kittens Playing with Paints, Wilhelm Schwar

Kittens Playing with Paints



Mother Cat and Three Kittens, Wilhelm Schwar

Mother Cat and Three Kittens



Our Peter, Wilhelm Schwar

Our Peter



Three Kittens, 1899 Wilhelm Schwar

Three Kittens, 1899



Cat on the Stoop, Wilhelm Schwar (German, 1860 - 1923)

Cat on the Stoop



Wilhelm Schwar Mother and Kittens

Mother and Kittens



Wilhelm Schwar, Black and White Kitten

Black and White Kitten



Wilhelm Schwar, Cat and Kittens

Cat and Kittens



Wilhelm Schwar, Cats and Sewing

Cats and Sewing



Wilhelm Schwar, Four Kittens and a Butterfly

Four Kittens and a Butterfly



Wilhelm Schwar, Mother and Two Kittens

Mother and Two Kittens



Wilhelm Schwar, Three Kittens

Three Kittens



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