Rudolf Epp (1834-1910, German)

Rudolf Epp, Self Portrait- cat artistRudolf Epp (1834-1910, German) was a realist painter of the Munich School who primarily painted women and children with cats in domestic scenes. Epp started drawing at a young age, and he studied art at the Grand Ducal Baden Art School in Karlsruhe. Later he also attended the Dusseldorf Art Academy. Around 1859, he produced landscapes after a trip to the Black Forest. In 1862, he married and moved to Munich where he quickly gained notoriety as a popular painter.

Epp used his daughters as models in some of his paintings which are realistic depictions of German home life in the 19th century.  And he must have liked cats very much as most of these works include a cat or cats. These simple and sometimes humorous genre pieces were very much appreciated by the public. Even though the subjects are unsophisticated, there is a certain charm to them. His works numbered in the hundreds, and many were confiscated by the Nazis during WWII.

Epp has remained a popular artist with many of his paintings still being sold at auction today.  


Cat and Mirror Rudolf Epp

Cat and Mirror


Playing with the Cat Rudolf Epp (1834 – 1910)

Playing with the Cat


Rudolf Epp (1834 – 1910, German) - Girl with a Cat

Girl with a Cat


Rudolf Epp (1834-1910), 'Peeling Apples' with cat

Peeling Apples


Rudolf Epp Detail of Cats in Peeling Apples

Detail Peeling Apples


Rudolf Epp, Großmutter und ihren Katzen Grandmother and her Cats

Großmutter und ihren Katzen
Grandmother and her Cats


Rudolf Epp Breakfast time with cats

Breakfast Time


Rudolf Epp Strickendes Mädchen mit katze, girl sewing with cat

Strickendes Mädchen
Girl Sewing


Rudolf Epp, Baby and Cat

Baby and Cat


Rudolf Epp, Chatting, cats in art

Two Girls Chatting


Rudolf Epp, Child Dressing with cat

Child Dressing


Rudolf Epp, Girl Knitting with her Cat

Girl Knitting with her Cat


Rudolf Epp, Grandmother's Story with cat

Grandmother’s Story


Rudolf Epp, In der Stube mit katze

In der Stube


Rudolf Epp, In the Barn

In the Barn


Rudolf Epp, Mother and Child Feeding the Cat

Mother and Child Feeding the Cats


Rudolf Epp, Old Woman and Cat

Old Woman and Cat


Rudolf Epp, Putting Socks on with the cat

Putting Socks on


Rudolf Epp, The Morning Prayer with the cat

The Morning Prayer


Rudolf Epp, The Morning Wash with the cat

The Morning Wash


Rudolf Epp, Visit to Grandmother's, cats in art

Visit to Grandmother’s


Rudolf Epp, Watching Kitty Play

Watching Kitty Play


Rudolf Epp, Wearing the Crown-Brautschmueckung, cats in art

Wearing the Crown-Brautschmueckung



The Bug-Rudolf Epp (1834 – 1910, German)

The Bug


The Milk Bowl ~ Rudolf Epp, cats in art

The Milk Bowl


Rudolf Epp Evening with cat



Rudolf Epp, girl with a basket holding a cat

Girl with a Basket Holding a Cat


Rudolf Epp, Kiss Me Quick cats in art

Kiss Me Quick


Rudolf Epp, Spinning



Rudolf Epp, the sick mother, Die Kranke Mutter, cats in art

The Sick Mother, Die Kranke Mutter


Rudolf Epp, Woman playing with cat

Woman playing with cat


Rudolf Epp, Work break

Work break


Rudolf Epp cats


Rudolf Epp Woman with a book and cat

Woman with a book and cat


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