Jean Bernard Duvivier (1775-1833, Dutch)

Portrait of Jean Bernard, Art Collector and Painter in Amsterdam, Gerrit Jan Michaëlis, 1828

Portrait of Jean Bernard, Art Collector and Painter in Amsterdam, Gerrit Jan Michaëlis, 1828

Jean Bernard Duvivier (1775-1833, Dutch) was certainly a cat lover.  A deft artist and draftsman he sketched many cats, most probably his own, using charcoal and colored crayons.  The cats featured below were captured in natural positions, so we must infer that Jean Bernard was an avid cat lover. 

In 1811, Duvivier was commissioned to draw the history of Napoleon, a work that occupied several volumes.

Duvivier was primarily a portraitist and also painted historical and religious scenes. He was a successful artist during his lifetime with many of his works decorating ministries and famous people’s homes. 

He died at age 75 in 1833. 





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Black and White Cat sleeping, Jean Bernard, 1825

Black and White Cat Sleeping



Cat and Bowl, 1812, Jean Bernard

Cat and Bowl, 1812


Cat Head Facing Forward, Jean Bernard 1775-1833

Cat Head Facing Forward



Cat Head Facing Left, 1813, Jean Bernard

Cat Head Facing Left, 1813



Cat Head Looking Down, Jean Bernard

Cat Head Looking Down

Cat Head Looking Right, 1833, Jean Bernard

Cat Head Looking Right, 1833



Cat Head, Jean Bernard

Cat Head



Cat Lying Down, Jean Bernard

Cat Lying Down



Cat on a Stool, 1828, Jean Bernard

Cat on a Stool, 1828



Cat sketch ~ artist Jean Bernard, c.1808

Cat sketch c.1808



Cat, Looking Right, Jean Bernard

Cat, Looking Right


Ginger Cat Head Facing Right, Jean Bernard 1775-1833

Ginger Cat Head Facing Right


Ginger Cat Sleeping, 1818, Jean Bernard

Ginger Cat Sleeping, 1818


head of a cat, Jean Bernard

Head of a Cat




Cat Sleeping Jean Bernard (Amsterdam 1765 - Amsterdam 1833) Rijksmuseum

Cat Sleeping

Cat on a Blanket, Jean Bernard 1802 Katze

Cat on a Blanket, 1802


cat Jean Bernard 18191

Cat, 1819



Jean Bernard Cat Head 1819

Cat Head, 1819





Seated Cat Facing Right, 1815, Jean Bernard

Seated Cat Facing Right, 1815





Seated Cat, Jean Bernard

Seated Cat



Seated Ginger Cat, 1812, Jean Bernard

Seated Ginger Cat, 1812



Sleeping Cat Facing Left, Jean Bernard

Sleeping Cat Facing Left



Sleeping Cat, Jean Bernard

Sleeping Cat


Sleeping Kitten, Jean Bernard

Sleeping Kitten



Sleepy Cat, 1828, Jean Bernard

Sleepy Cat, 1828



Study of Cats, Jean Bernard

Study of Cats

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