Frank Paton (1855-1909, British)

Frank Paton was born on November 23, 1855 in Stepney, London, the youngest of seven children. Paton showed an early talent for drawing animals and was encouraged to pursue his artistic talents.  At age 16, for his first exhibition, he presented a portrait of a German peasant girl.  He became a well-known and successful artist during his lifetime even though never a member of the Royal Academy.  Queen Victoria is said to have admired his works.  His most famous paintings are “Fairest of Them All” and “Puss in Boots”. Frank Paton’s cats are typical of the 19th century style.  They are mischievous and cute inside the house and out, all the while beckoning us to love them.
Because of his relationship with Edward Ernest Leggatt, who ran an art dealership in London, Paton’s works were published annually from 1880 until 1909 on Christmas cards and were quite commercially successful.  Paton died in 1909 of a heart attack.  Ironically, his last published Christmas card was entitled, “The End of the Day” which was signed on the day he died.   



Puss in Boots Frank Paton private collection

Puss in Boots
Private Collection


Alert Frank Paton 1895 Private Collection

Private Collection

Bees Frank Paton private collection

Private Collection


Coming Events Cast Their Shadow FRANK PATON (1856-1909)

Coming Events Cast Their Shadow
Private Collection


Dead Mouse Frank Paton private collection 1882

Dead Mouse
Private Collection


A Proud Mother Frank Paton Private Collection cats in art

A Proud Mother
Private Collection



Cat and Kittens
Private Collection


Poodle Card Game 1885 Private Collection cats in paintings

Poodle Card Game
Private Collection


Kittens and a Canary 1893 Private Collection cats in art

Kittens and a Canary
Private Collection


Kittens in the Stable Frank Paton private collection

Kittens in the Stable
Private Collection



The Cat Meat Man Frank Paton private collection

The Cat’s Meat Man Private Collection


The Christmas Gift Frank Paton private collection

The Christmas Gift
Private Collection


Three Kittens private collection

Three Kittens
Private Collection



Two Kittens 1899 private collection

Two Kittens
Private Collection


Warm and cozy private collection

Warm and cozy
Private Collection



Study of a Cat private collection cats in art

Study of a Cat
Private Collection


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  1. Tara Rogers says

    Hi, I have inherited an original Frank Paton painting – it is called “Hit or Miss” – i can’t see any reference to it, but would dearly love to have some information as to its history and value. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks and regards

  2. lovely, great find, thank you, just learning to appreciate painting

  3. Wow. Has drawn my attention. What do his original paintings fetch?

  4. This one is a keeper! Great examples of his work (especially cute puss in boot) now I want to learn more about this artist! 🙂

  5. Those are great paintings.

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