Ferdinand Henri Oger (1872-1929, French)

Ferdinand Henri Oger (1872-1929, French) created many portraits of cats as etchings and as watercolors. His cats are poised, regal and soft. Unfortunately, there isn’t any biographical information on him. He seems a mystery. However, we are left with his amazing cat portraits that reveal his love of the animal. Oger also depicted lions, dogs, cattle and horses; however, his domestic cat portrayals are probably his best.


Ferdinand Oger, Regal Cat

Regal Cat



Ferdinand Henri Oger, Cat Cleaning Itself

Cat Cleaning Itself



Ferdinand Henri Oger, Cat Sleeping

Cat Sleeping



Ferdinand Henri Oger, Maine Coon

Maine Coon



Ferdinand Henri Oger, Seated Cat, 1924

Seated Cat, 1924



Ferdinand Oger (French, 1872-1929) - Study of a Tabby Cat 2

Study of a Tabby Cat



Ferdinand Oger, Cat Drinking Milk

Cat Drinking Milk



Ferdinand Oger, Maine Coon Cat Sitting

Maine Coon Cat Sitting



Ferdinand Oger, Maine Coon Seated

Maine Coon Seated



Ferdinand Oger, Mother Cat and Kitten

Mother Cat and Kitten



Ferdinand Oger, Studies of a Cat

Studies of a Cat



Ferdinand Oger, Study of a Cat

Study of a Cat



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