Edwin Longsden Long (1829-1891, British)

Edwin Longsden Long photo of the artist at The Great CatEdwin Longsden Long (1829-1891, British) was the son of an artist and born in Bath, Somerset, England. Long was a portrait painter also known for his English genre and Orientalist works. Long went to London where he studied art at the British Museum. Afterwards, he travelled to Spain where he became influenced by the paintings of Velasquez.  In 1874, he travelled to Syria and Egypt where he became interested in romantic oriental scenes.

The two paintings Sacred to Pasht and The Gods and their Makers are a testament to the Ancient Egyptians’ reverence to the cat god Bastet.  Dramatic, and clearly romantically portrayed, the two paintings reflect a clear adoration of the cat.

His religiously themed paintings were popular and Long was elected as an associate of the Royal Academy in 1870.  His most prolific years were from 1870-80. The Babylonian Marriage Market was his first popular painting.  An Edwin Long Gallery was founded on Old Bond Street.  Long’s paintings lost their popularity as later in life Long’s works became monotonous.  Portraits of well known personages, however, continued to be his main source of income. 

 In 1891, Long died of pneumonia at age 61.



Sacred to Pasht, Edwin Longsden Long

Sacred to Pasht


The gods and their makers 1878 Edwin Longsden Long

The Gods and their Makers, 1878



The Gods and their Makers, Detail, 1878, Edwin Longsden Long

The Gods and their Makers, Detail, 1878


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