Charles Burton Barber (1845-1894, English)

Charles Burton Barber cats in artKnown as a painter of animals, children with their pets and genre scenes, Charles Burton Barber (1845-1894) was a popular 19th century artist particularly favored by Queen Victoria.   Barber painted for Queen Victoria for more than twenty years taking the place of the admired Landseer, who primarily painted the Queen, Prince Albert and their children, while Barber painted the Queen and her grandchildren with their pets.  Born in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, Barber studied from the age of 18 at the Royal Academy, London, and had his first exhibit in 1866. He won many prizes during his lifetime and died at the young age of 49 with Arthur Elsley then becoming the foremost painter of children and their pets.  Not an especially prolific painter, Barber’s paintings are today considered quite rare even though some consider them over sentimental.


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A Rival Attraction Charles Burton Barber, cats in art

A Rival Attraction


Any Port in a Storm Charles Burton Barber kittens in art

Any Port in a Storm



Charles Burton Barber Monster child and kitten in art

Private Collection



Coaxing is Better Than Teasing 1883 victorian cat paintings

Coaxing is Better Than Teasing





Curiosity cats in classic paintings



Belonging to Queen Victoria 1885 Royal Collection

Cats and Dogs Belonging to Queen Victoria
Royal Collection


Darby and Joan 1883

Darby and Joan


Cat in the snow cats in paintings

Cat in the Snow


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  1. the value??

  2. Mary Williams says

    I have a framed print of “SUSPENSE” by C. Burton Barber. Don’t know whether to keep it or give it away. I got it at a garage sale for very little. On the back is ML061 75 Litho in USA . Don’t know what that means.

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