Andrea Landini (1847-1935, Italian)

Andrea Landini cat paintingsAndrea Landini (1847-1935, Italian) grew up in Florence during tumultuous times. Landini was highly influenced by Professor Antonio Ciseri (1821-1891), a Swiss-born painter of religious subjects. Just like his mentor, Landini’s work is highly detailed with an almost photographic precision. Much attention has been paid to the details of costume, setting and fabrics.

His genre paintings of the Catholic clergy were very successful and he exhibited his works in Florence, Paris and Rome. His works were a reflection of the anticlerical movement that had begun during the Enlightenment and were reinforced by the French Revolution. As early as the 1830’s satirical lithographs of clergy were being created. In the 1860’s Gustave Courbet depicted drunken priests staggering along the road to Jerusalem in a parody of Christ’s entry into the city.

Andrea Landini (1847- 1935) — A Relaxing Afternoon

A Relaxing Afternoon

Landini used elaborate rococo palaces as his settings for cardinal paintings. This is evident from the gilded stucco work, mural paintings and the parquet floors. Ironically, the murals are painted in the style of Francois Boucher (1703-1770, French) who was known for his rather carnal works. So, it is in these extraordinarily luxurious settings that cardinals are portrayed drinking champagne and taking part in large feasts. The juxtaposition of the cardinals enjoying a pampered lifestyle while regular people are suffering outside the palace walls is clear. These genre paintings became very popular with the new middle class. And because of the demand for this type of painting, other artists such as George Croegaert began to create similar works. Even though these paintings were quite scornful of the Catholic church, they were actually meant as entertaining, humorous aggravations.

Andrea Landini (1847- 1935) — His Eminences Friend

His Eminence’s Friend

Landini painted in the academic style with vibrant colors and extreme detail. Light and shadow are expertly depicted. The cardinals are placed in embarrassing positions such as playing with kittens or having part of their vestments stolen by a pet. A gentle reminder that the cardinals were in fact human.  

My Two Favorite Friends, Andrea Landini 1847-1912

My Two Favorite Friends

Not much is known about Landini’s last years except that he did exhibit his works in the Paris Salon in 1911 and in 1929. His works are still popular today and can be found at auction.

Andrea Landini (1847-1935) Temptation



Andrea Landini, Detail Temptation

Detail Temptation


His Favorites, Andrea Landini

His Favorites


Andrea Landini, Detail His Favorites

Detail His Favorites


The Cardinals Favorite, Andrea Landini

The Cardinals Favorite


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