Toshiyuki Enoki (1961-present, Japanese)

Toshiyuki Enoki with Kitten

Toshiyuki Enoki with Kitten

Toshiyuki Enoki (1961-present, Japanese) is a contemporary artist who works in lacquer, oil, acrylic and watercolor. Enoki has participated in the Kan-Hikari Expo in Kyoto and has installed his works at international heritage sites such as Jochi Temple, Senyu Temple and Nijo Castle. From 2010-2012, he participated in the 21st Century Exhibition of Japanese Art.

His works are dreamlike and magically combine reality, myth and fantasy which emerge into consciousness. They are a mix of old and new. His Greek mythological figures such as Pegasus, unicorns and dragons come alive in subdued colors in a fresh, unique way.

His love of cats is evident from his acrylic portraits and watercolors. In a self-portrait, he captures himself with a kitten in his arms.

Follow him on Facebook where you will find plenty of photos of him with his cats as well as his latest artwork.


Hooked Tail, by Enoki Toshiyuki, 2014

Hooked Tail, 2014




Toshiyuki Enoki, Black Cat Looking Straight Ahead

Black Cat Looking Straight Ahead




Toshiyuki Enoki, Calico Cat

Calico Cat




Toshiyuki Enoki, Tabby Cat Looking Left

Tabby Cat Looking Left




Toshiyuki Enoki, Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo Cat




Toshiyuki Enoki, White Cat

White Cat




Toshiyuki Enoki, Black Cat Watercolor

Black Cat Watercolor




Toshiyuki Enoki, Cat Playing, Watercolor

Cat Hunting, Watercolor




Toshiyuki Enoki, Girl and Kitten

Girl and Kitten




Toshiyuki Enoki, Self-portrait with Black Cat

Self-portrait with Black Cat



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  1. Jennifer Elle Liszka says

    Where can you buy prints of his art?

  2. Very beautiful!!! Thank you very much!

  3. Gabrielle Brom says

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into these pages! I am always so excited to learn about and discover, through you, such wonderful artists – some I’ve never heard of. I really appreciate the opportunity.

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