Tomoo Inagaki (1902-1980, Japanese)

Tomoo Inagaki cat artistTomoo Inagaki (1902-1980, Japanese) was an important Sosaku Hanga  woodprint artist who specialized in  landscapes and cats. Originally a worker in a steel company, Inagaki was a self- taught artist. He held his first exhibition in 1924, and in 1932 he became a member of the Nihon Hanga Kōkai (Japan Print Association). To make ends meet, Inagaki worked as a teacher at the Commercial Artists Association School from 1930-1951 and then moved to the Japan Advertising Art School. Inagaki’s art was popular after WWII, and he was invited to exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo and Lugano.

Inagaki is best known for his modernistic and stylized prints of cats which he began producing in 1951.  Inagaki’s cats are simple and semi-abstract and are almost always are done in grey, black or brown colors.  His cat subjects are found displaying almost every cat pose and behavior. Obviously a cat lover himself, he was able to observe these feline behaviors in his own cats.

In discussing his work in 1956, the artist revealed, “I like some qualities and reject others in Matisse and Picasso, but, above all, I was influenced by Onchi and Hiratsuka.”

Tomoo Inagaki died of a brain tumor in May, 1980.


Black Cat 2, Inagaki Tomoo

Black Cat 2



Black Cat at Dusk, Tomoo Inagaki

Black Cat at Dusk



Black Cat with Orange Background, Inagaki Tomoo

Black Cat with Orange Background



Cat and Camellia, Tomoo Inagaki

Cat and Camellia



Cat and Christmas Tree, Tomoo

Cat and Christmas Tree



Cat and Kittens, Tomoo Inagaki

Cat and Kittens



Cat Friends, Inagaki

Cat Friends



Cat in Bush, Inagaki

Cat in Bush



Cat in the Moonlight, Tomoo

Cat in the Moonlight



Cat Love, Inagaki

Cat Love



Cat Parade, Tomoo

Cat Parade



Cat Walking, Tomoo Inagaki

Cat Walking



Cat with Pendant, Tomo

Cat with Pendant



Cats at Dawn, Tomo

Cats at Dawn



Cats Black and White, Inagaki

Cats Black and White



Cats by Fireplace, Tomoo Inagaki

Cats by Fireplace



Cat's Makeup, Tomoo Inagaki

Cat’s Makeup



Chatting Cats, Tomoo

Chatting Cats



Inagaki Tomoo Cats in Love 1957

Cats in Love 1957



Long Tailed Cat, Tomoo

Long Tailed Cat



Portrait of a Cat, Inagaki

Portrait of a Cat



Sleeping Cat by Tomoo Inagaki (1902 - 1980)

Sleeping Cat



Stretching Cats, Inagaki

Stretching Cats



Two Cats



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