Takeuchi Seiho (1864-1942, Japanese)

Takeuchi Seiho photo painting at easelTakeuchi Seiho (1864–1942) was a Japanese artist who broke with tradition most probably because of his travels to Europe and the 1900 Exposition in Paris.  Using a careful observation of life, Seiho incorporated western techniques with the Kyoto style and developed a new naturalism.  In essence, he brought about a “Romanticism” to Japanese art.  Seiho’s cats are lithe and airy almost delicate. This lightness gives the cats an ethereal presence.

The son of a prosperous restaurateur, he was encouraged to study design by local textile designers who frequented his parents restaurant.  By age 17, he started his formal study of painting and printing. He was soon given a position at the Kyoto Prefecture Painting School and began to exhibit his works.

After marriage, Seiho moved back to a house across from his family’s restaurant.  There he became quite well known for his textile designs which led to commissions for paintings.

In 1895 he became an art instructor at the Kyoto Municipal School of Arts and Crafts.


MadaranekoTakeuchi Seiho, 1924


Tabby Cat, Detail, Takeuchi Seiho

Tabby Cat, Detail



Takeuchi Seiho KOHARU Indian Summer (A Cat and a Bamboo Basket 1927

A Cat and a Bamboo Basket 1927



Cat and Kitten, Takeuchi Seiho

Cat and Kitten



Takeuchi Seiho, Three Kittens

Three Kittens



Takeuchi Seiho, cats in asian art



Painting in sumi on paper of a cat. C. 1920 Takeuchi Seiho

Painting in sumi on paper of a cat. C. 1920


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