Tadashige Nishida (b. 1942- present, Japanese)

Tadashige Nishida (b. 1942- present, Japanese) is a self-taught traditional woodblock artist. Born on Amami Oshima Island, Tadashige Nishida studied at Chiba University. As a post graduate student, he studied in Spain and the United States. Nishida’s work concentrates on depictions of cats, though he also has produced a number of studies of trees and Mount Fuji. From 1986 to the early 90’s, Nishida’s prints were published as calendars.

Nishida’s cats are depicted in all sorts of positions and colors. If you like black cats, then you will love Nishida’s work. His creations display a high level of technical skill and the backgrounds are made with gold or silver pigments.

His prints can be found in the permanent collections of New Tokyo International Airport Authority, Funabashi City Hall, Prefectural Governments hall as well as others. Both Japanese and foreign collectors seek out his work.


Black cat chasing a frog, Nishida Tadashige



Black cat jumping, Nishida Tadashige



Black Cat on its back, Nishida Tadashige



Black Cat sitting up, Nishida Tadashige



Black cat with flowers, Nishida Tadashige



Black cat, Nishida Tadashige



Cat and Butterfly, Nishida Tadashige



Cat with Flowers,



Cats and calligraphy, Nishida Tadashige



Clowder of black cats, Nishida Tadashige



Kitten playing with mother's tail, Nishida Tadashige



Mother and Kitten, Nishida Tadashige



Nishida Tadashige, Cat waking up



Nishida Tadashige



Prowling cat,



Sketches of cats, Nishida Tadashige



Startled Cat, Nishida Tadashige



Two black cats



Two slinking cats, Nishida Tadashige



White Cat,



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