Shozo Ozaki (? – present, Japanese)

Shozo Ozaki, Self PortraitShozo Ozaki (? – present, Japanese) is a contemporary artist who lives in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.  He is a prolific artist who obviously loves cats. Ozaki captures a myriad of felines in all sorts of positions and attitudes: sleeping, hunting, as mothers and amorous. He is able to translate every cat expression onto the canvas. These paintings are done in soft colors and soft lines and reflect almost every position and attitude a cat can have.

Shozo Ozaki is on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.


Shozo Ozaki, A Group of Cats

A Group of Cats



Shozo Ozaki, Black and White Cats

Black and White Cats



Shozo Ozaki, Black Cat

Black Cat



Shozo Ozaki, Cat and Bird

Cat and Bird



Shozo Ozaki, Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mice



Shozo Ozaki, Cat Looking UP

Cat Looking Up



Shozo Ozaki, Cat Lounging

Cat Lounging



Shozo Ozaki, Cat Lying Down

Cat Lying Down



Shozo Ozaki, Cat on its Back

Cat on its Back



Shozo Ozaki, Friends




Shozo Ozaki, Kitten Drinking Milk

Kitten Drinking Milk



Shozo Ozaki, Kitten




Shozo Ozaki, Mother and Kitten

Mother and Kitten



Mother and Kittens

Mother and Kittens



Shozo Ozaki, Mother with Baby Kitten

Mother with Baby Kitten



Shozo Ozaki, Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat



Shozo Ozaki, Stretching Cat

Stretching Cat



Tuxedo and Tabby

Tuxedo and Tabby



Tuxedo Cat and Bird

Tuxedo Cat and Bird



Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo Cat



Two Cats

Two Cats



Shozo Ozaki, White Cat

White Cat



Shozo Ozaki, Yawning Cat 2

Yawning Cat 2



Yawning Cat

Yawning Cat






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