Muramasa Kudo (1948- present, Japanese)

Muramasa Kudo, photo, cat art at The Great CatMuramasa Kudo (1948- present, Japanese) began his life as an artist by pursuing Japanese calligraphy and won three world titles for his skill. From working with calligraphy, he branched out and started painting and sculpting.

In 1980, Kudo moved to California where he continued to pursue his art, watercolors in particular. His works are owned by famous personalities such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Brad Pitt, Oliver Stone, Whoopi Goldberg and Francis Ford Coppola.

In 1992, Kudo was recognized for his artistic contributions and was appointed California’s Cultural Ambassador to Japan.   Kudo believes that art creates culture.

Kudo’s cat art is both eclectic and entrancing especially Cat and Fly where a sleek elongated black cat looks up at a fly.  The composition’s beauty lies in its perfect harmony of colors and symmetry.

For more information, visit his Facebook page where you can view a video of many of his cat paintings. 


Bengal Cat and Spider, Muramasa Kudo

Bengal Cat and Spider




Calico Cat and the Moon, Muramasa Kudo

Calico Cat and the Moon




Cat and Fly, Muramasa Kudo

Cat and Fly




Muramasa Kudo (b-1948) Blue Bird, Cat and Wasp

Blue Bird, Cat and Wasp




Muramasa Kudo, Black Cat and Goldfish

Black Cat and Goldfish




Muramasa Kudo, Woman and cat

Woman and Cat




Sleeping Cat, Muramasa Kudo

Sleeping Cat




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