Midori Yamada (?? -present, Japanese)

Midori Yamada (??-present, Japanese) is a water-colorist and illustrator who is fond of cats and features them prominently in her works. Cats are primarily depicted with pomegranates and flowers.  The detailed lines of these works bound bright, lively colors. Her cats are mysterious creatures; their enigmatic eyes beckoning us to guess their meaning.

Yamada is a descendent of calligraphers, and her art can be found on many Japanese book covers. 

Yamada currently lives and works in Chiba, Japan. You can visit her site at www.midoriyamada.net.



Midori Yamada1-black cat with pink flowers



Midori Yamada1-black cat with pink flowers



Midori Yamada3-white cat



Midori Yamada5-white cat on black background



Midori Yamada6-white cat with flower




Midori Yamada8, White cat




Midori Yamada9, cat Tom Kun




Midori Yamada10-Kita



Midori Yamada11-White cat with pink flower




Midori Yamada12- Haru




Midori Yamada13-white cat




Midori Yamad7, Tuxedo cat, 2010




Midori Yamada4-white cat in flowers




Midori Yamada15-Cat and Pomegranate




Midori Yamada16-Cat Lying Down




Midori Yamada17-Cat in Flowers




Midori Yamada18-Grey cat with pink flower




Midori Yamada18-White cat on red mat




Midori Yamada19-White cat with green background




Midori Yamada20-White cat with Pomegranate




Midori Yamada21-Grey Cat with Green Hat




Midori Yamada22-Grey and White Cat Face




Midori Yamada23-Cat with cat prints




Midori Yamada28-White Cat




Midori Yamada31-Grey cat and girl









Midori Yamada34-Black cat





Midori Yamada40-Cat behind a tree




Midori Yamada42-Grey cat






Midori Yamada43-Pomegranate and white cat




Midori Yamada24-White cat with bird




Midori Yamada25-White cat and red flower




Midori Yamada39-White cat and fruit


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