Matazo Kayama (1927-2004, Japanese)

Matazo Kayama photo, cats in artMatazo Kayama (1927-2004, Japanese) enrolled in the Japanese Painting Academy in Kyoto when he was 13 and in 1944, even though Japan was suffering through the concluding years of WWII, Kayama studied Nihonga at the Tokyo National Academy of Fine Arts.  In 1961, Kayama held his first exhibition in New York and consequently held others in Moscow and at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. In addition to his paintings, Matazo Kayama designed pagodas, temples and designed the mural in the Japanese Embassy in the United States.

Animals were Kayama’s favorite subjects and his works seem to be a mixture between painting and photography. His cats are fluffy Persians or sleek Siamese posed doing typical cat behaviors or next to beautiful flowers as is typical of Japanese paintings.



Cat and Blue Butterflies, Matazo Kayama

Cat and Blue Butterflies




Cat and Butterfly, Matazo Kayama

Cat and Butterfly




Cat and Feather, Matazo Kayama

Cat and Feather




Cat and Flowers, Matazo Kayama 2

Cat and Flowers




Cat and Flowers, Matazo Kayama

Cat and Flowers




Cat and Praying Manthis, Matazo Kayama

Cat and Praying Manthis




Cat, Matazo Kayama





Mother Cat and Kitten, Matazo Kayama

Mother Cat and Kitten




Siamese and Butterfly, Matazo Kayama

Siamese and Butterfly




White Cat, Matazo Kayama

White Cat




Young Cat, 1991, Matazo Kayama

Young Cat, 1991



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