Masaharu Aoyama (1893-1969, Japanese)

Masaharu Aoyama (1893-1969, Japanese) studied ink painting at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts and then worked at the Imperial Household Museum until 1939. Aoyama participated in the Sosaku Hanga movement and produced woodblock prints.  He exhibited these prints in 1936 at Teiten and Nihon Sosaku-Hanga yokai. He is also known as Aoyama Seiji or “Ao”.

His black cat prints are in a unique style and charmingly capture cats in typical behaviors.


Aoyama Masaharu Black Cat




Masaharu Aoyama, Cat




Showa era (1926-1989), circa 1950-1960 Aoyama Masaharu







Cat Kitten Masaharu Aoyama






Chat tenant une grenouille estampe attribuée à Aoyama Seizan



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