Kanoko Takeuchi (Contemporary-Japanese)

Kanoko Takeuchi photo, cat artKanoko Takeuchi is a contemporary Japanese artist who lives in Ito, Shizuoka, Japan.  Not much is available online about her.  You can visit her Facebook page here  and her website here.

Kanoko Takeuchi paintings of cats are colorful, amusing, and uplifting. Enjoy.












Kanoko Takeuchi, 3 cats



Kanoko Takeuchi, Black cat on pink



Kanoko Takeuchi, Black cat on pink



Kanoko Takeuchi, Cat and Kitten on Blue



Kanoko Takeuchi, Cat and Kitten on purple



Kanoko Takeuchi, cat and kitten



Kanoko Takeuchi, Cats with Yellow background




Kanoko Takeuchi, Grey cat and black kitten



Kanoko Takeuchi, Grey cat



Kanoko Takeuchi, kyougaowarininattara



Kanoko Takeuchi, nekotokaeru





Kanoko Takeuchi cats



Summer Cat Memories, Kanoko Takeuchi


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