Ido Masao (1945-2016, Japanese)

Masao Ido cat artistIdo Masao (1945-2016, Japanese) was interested in art from childhood and began his artistic career in 1960 by working with dyes and textiles producing kimonos. Highly influenced by the woodblock prints of Kiyoshi Saito, Masao began to concentrate on woodblock prints in 1972. Masao’s works are distinctive for their sense of tranquillity and represent the manner of the Edo-period ukiyo-e style. Masao’s woodblock prints of sleek cats filled with character represent the feline at its best. As a Kyoto artist, Ido Masao is best known for his creation of about a thousand scenes of Kyoto in 2008 in the ukiyo-e tradition.


Black Cat and Lemon

Black Cat and Lemon



Black Cat, Ido Masao

Black Cat



Masao Ido, cat



Two Cats and a Lemon - woodblock print - Ido Masao 1945-2016

Two Cats and a Lemon – woodblock print


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