Gyoshū Hayami (1894-1935, Japanese)

Gyoshu Hayami Japanese-style painter Tokyo JAPAN 1894-1935Gyoshū Hayami (速水 御舟 Hayami Gyoshū, (1894 – 1935) was the pseudonym of of Eiichi Maiti a Japanese painter of the Nihonga style. Born in Tokyo, his artistic talent soon became apparent, and Hayami became a founding member of the Japan Fine Arts Academy. His style was influenced by Chinese paintings from the Song and Yuan dynasties. In 1930, Hayami toured Europe where his drawings of birds and flowers were especially popular.

His most famous painting, Dance of Flames, was selected for the Japanese commemorative stamp in 1979.  Even though Hayami painted few works with cats, they capture the cat’s nature and are delicate and colorful in their rendering; the Chinese influence is quite evident.

Gyoshū Hayami died in 1935 at the young age of 40 of typhoid fever.  Many of his works can be found in the Yamatane Museum in Tokyo.



Emerald Mosses and Verdant Turf (Suitairyokushi, 翠苔緑芝) by Gyoshu Hayami in 1928

Emerald Mosses and Verdant Turf, 1928



Peony and sleepy cat, 速水御舟 Hayami Gyoshū. Gyoshū Hayami

Peony and Sleepy Cat



Hayami Gyoshuu, 速水御舟 (1894 - 1935)



Chrysanthemum and Cat, Hayami Gyoshu

Chrysanthemum and Cat



Cat in sasanqua (Christmas camellia) Hayami Gyoshu

Cat in Sasanqua (Christmas camellia)


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